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European Leader Asks “Is Everyone Entitled To Religious Freedom Except For Christians?” #Europe #Jesus

European Leader Asks “Is Everyone Entitled To Religious Freedom Except For Christians?”

Cultural Marxism has Europe in a death grip. Invaded by barbarians in the name of “diversity”, citizens being treated as second-class citizens in favor of those same 7th century savages, and now the very faith of Europeans is under direct assault by the godless leftist politicians that are hell-bent on destroying Europe.

Now, God-hating judges have ordered that a cross must be removed from a statue of Pope John Paul II in Britanny.

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Disgusted by this blatant assault on religious freedom, Hungary has offered to take the Christian cross.

The courts had originally ruled that the entire statue, donated to the small town of Ploërmel by a Russian artist, must be torn down, but now say it may remain provided the cross is decapitated, prompting the mayor who received it to complain of “an attack on a part of our culture”.

The ruling has also caused considerable upset in the late pontiff’s native Poland, where he is revered as a symbol of Poland’s struggle to free itself from the Communist yoke by many, including the current government.

“The Government is willing to pay any expenses that arise and undertake the administrative burdens in the interests of enabling the cross that is condemned to be removed from the statue of Pope John Paul II in the town of Ploërmel to be transported to Hungary, if the leaders of the French settlement consent to it”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced at a press conference in Budapest.

Mr. Szijjártó told reporters that the Ministry had contacted the local government of the small town in Brittany via the Hungarian Embassy in Paris, but had received no reply so far, adding that the cross would be received by the Saint Benedict Secondary and High School.

The Minister did not wish to comment on the Council of State’s decision to remove the cross, but said that all decisions that cite tolerance in a hypocritical manner to suppress Christianity, and which order the removal of Christian symbols, are “hugely damaging” with regard to the future of Europe.

According to the Minister, “astounding self-deprecation” aimed at suppressing Christianity goes against Europe’s interests. “Such measures must be regarded as attempts to do away with the continent’s civilisation and culture”, he said, adding that: “These days we are seeing the emergence of issues that nobody previously thought could ever emerge, because irrespective of religious denomination nobody can dispute the fact that Christianity is a determining part of European culture”.

“Is it really true that in 21st century Europe we are removing a Christian symbol? It everyone entitled to religious freedom except for Christians?”, Mr. Szijjártó asked, adding that these were pivotal issues that affected the fate of the continent.

The Minister highlighted the fact that Europe’s Christian values must be preserved, and that people who arrive in Europe must accept and respect local laws and the traditions of the people who live here.

According to Mr. Szijjártó, illegal immigration is endangering Europe’s Christian nature, because becoming an immigrant country means that new arrivals will eventually want to overwrite local regulations.

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December 4th, 2017

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