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England’s Socialist Leader Vows To Rule Nation By Next Year #England #Labour #Socialism

Jeremy Corbyn vowed he’d be Prime Minister within a year – telling Theresa May he will try to use Brexit chaos to make it to Downing Street.

The Labour leader insisted his socialist vision for Britain is now “the new common sense” as he made his party conference speech.

He said: “We must take our message to every town, city and village. United and ready to win, ready to govern as we were in 1945, 1964 and 1997.

“So that when we meet this time next year let it be as a Labour government.”

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And in a passage aimed directly at Theresa May, he said if the PM doesn’t get a good Brexit deal “you need to make way for a party that can”.

Mr Corbyn told supporters Labour is “ready to take charge and start the work of rebuilding our divided country” in his hour-long party conference speech.

But he also admitted the party had been damaged by the failure to drive out anti-Semitism from the ranks of the hard left – appealing to Jewish voters not to abandon Labour.

Laying out his hard-left future for Britain, Mr Corbyn:

Announced a £50billion plan to blitz Britain with wind turbines and solar panels
Revealed a plan to increase the number of hours of subsidised childcare for everyone – even millionaires
Hailed John McDonnell’s controversial plans to put workers on boards and sack dozens of company bosses
Claimed his socialist agenda is now “the new mainstream” in Britain
Suggested it would be a “piece of cake” to get a good Brexit deal with Brussels if Labour were in power
Attacked previous Labour PMs over the Iraq War and the financial crisis
Made a gaffe when he quoted a poet who was a notorious anti-Semite
But critics accused him of embarking on an “angry rant” and said his spending plans would bankrupt the country.

And the Tories blasted him for being willing to betray Brexit just so he can grab power for himself.

The leader was greeted with chants of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” as he walked on stage to lay out his vision for a hard-left future.

Mr Corbyn warned well-off Brits will have to show “solidarity” by handing over huge new taxes on property if the party takes power.

He vowed to slap a levy on anyone who owns a second home, saying: “Think of it as a solidarity fund.”

Mr Corbyn also suggested he’d hike taxes on Brits to pay for an increase in the powers of the state.

He said: “You can’t keep people safe on the cheap.”

But despite his radical plans to expand the powers of the state, Mr Corbyn claimed Labour’s policies are only “common sense” which are now supported by a majority of voters.


He said: “Where the Tories have divided and ruled, we will unite and govern.

“We represent the new common sense of our time. And we are ready to deliver on it.

“We must speak for the people to whom Theresa May promised so much but has delivered so little.”

And he added that Labour is “the new political mainstream” – inviting even Tory politicians to switch sides.

He opened his speech with an attack on the free press and vowed to bring in new curbs on the media.

The Labour boss also bizarrely claimed that getting a Brexit deal in Brussels would be a “piece of cake”.

Vowing to vote against Theresa May’s deal when it comes to the Commons, he said that his Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer would have more luck in Brussels.

Mr Corbyn said: “Keir, having got agreement yesterday in this conference hall, getting one in Brussels should be a piece of cake.”

But the Labour boss was forced to admit that the anti-Semitism crisis over the summer was “tough” and apologised to Jewish people for tolerating bigotry in the party.

In an attempt to move on from the scandal that has engulfed his party for months he told delegates of his visit to a former Nazi concentration camp at Terezin, and claimed he would be an “ally” for the Jewish community.

He said: “The row over anti-Semitism has caused immense hurt and anxiety in the Jewish community and great dismay in the Labour Party. But I hope we can work together to draw a line under it.

“I say this to all in the Jewish community: This party, this movement, will always be implacable campaigners against anti-Semitism and racism in all its forms.

“We are your ally.

“And the next Labour government will guarantee whatever support necessary to ensure the security of Jewish community centres and places of worship, as we will for any other community experiencing hateful behaviour and physical attacks.

He claimed to want to fight to stamp out anti-Jew hate “with every breath I possess”.

But he didn’t give details of how he would scrub out the hate in his own party.

And he attempted to make political capital by accusing the Tories of hypocrisy for pointing out the scandal.

The veteran leftie got his biggest cheer from vowing to recognise Palestine as a state if he ever became PM.

Delegates gave him a standing ovation as he promised to secure land for the Palestinian people.

He was also applauded during a passage where he vowed to help end the civil war in Yemen.

After months of playing down the evidence that Putin carried out the Salisbury novichok poisoning today he said Russia were “clearly” responsible.

He said: “We are entering a new fast-changing and more dangerous world including the reckless attacks in Salisbury – which the evidence painstakingly assembled by the police now points clearly to the Russian state.”


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
September 26th, 2018


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