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England’s Homeless Crisis Bringing Socialist Healthcare System To Brink of Collapse #England #news

Officials say extreme seasonal pressure on Britain’s hospital system means many non-urgent procedures must be put off for weeks.

National Health Service England officials are telling hospitals to delay some procedures to free up staff and beds to deal with emergency patients.

The restrictions are set to last until at least the end of January and are predicted to affect around 55,000 operations.

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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt apologized for the problems with the socialist healthcare system.

“It is absolutely not what I want,” he told Sky News. He said there is no question the hospitals are facing real pressures at the moment.

Because of the inherent inefficiencies in socialist medicine, many hospitals are operating at or near full capacity, with reports of long waits for treatment in emergency rooms, reports INEWS-UK.

The British Medical Association said NHS funding is “well below” what other comparable European countries spend on healthcare.

The union Unite, which has 100,000 members in the health service, said the Government had “failed” to provide sufficient funding for one of the nation’s proudest achievements.

In a drastic step to try to free up hospital staff and beds, NHS England also said the deferral of non-urgent inpatient elective care, such as hip replacements, should be extended until January 31.

Dr Anthea Mowat, chairwoman of the British Medical Association’s representative body, said:

“The NHS is in the grips of another winter crisis, as patients face long delays in care, operations are cancelled and staff find themselves working under extremely difficult circumstances. “What is happening in our A&Es is symptomatic of pressures across the entire system, hospitals are at capacity, GP surgeries are full and a shortage of social and community care means that many patients who no longer need to be in hospital can’t be discharged as there is simply nowhere for them to go.

More than 300,000 people in Britain – equivalent to one in every 200 – are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes, according to figures released by the charity Shelter.

Using official government data and freedom of information returns from local authorities, it estimates that 307,000 people are sleeping rough, or accommodated in temporary housing, bed and breakfast rooms, or hostels – an increase of 13,000 over the past year.

As well, half of all new housing is going to invading 7th century barbarians from the Middle East, and the English citizens are footing the bill for the generosity they don’t even receive.

In Early 2017, the sorry state of British hospitals was exposed in a BBC documentary showing crowded wards and families forced to sit on the floor.

The documentary found hospitals are overcrowded as patients wait in corridors and a lack of beds is a “frightening” reality.

Once again, socialism can’t keep up with reality. They make laws where a hospital can’t kick out a patient if they have no home to go to, so hospitals end up becoming taxpayer funded hotels for the homeless.

Just think. If they hadn’t imported all those 7th century barbarians that want to lop their heads off, they’d have plenty of money to take care of their own, crappy socialist health care and all.


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January 3rd, 2018

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