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Empty Stadiums & Boycotting Fans – NFL Paying The Price For Kneeling Anti-American Protests #o4a #NFLBoycott #NFL

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October 25th, 2017

It goes on and on, and the kneeling NFL ingrates and the owners, who must be suffering through some sports version of Stockholm Syndrome, are slowly killing the NFL.

Every week, we see more pictures of stadiums with fewer and fewer fans in the stands, and empty stadium parking lots during games.

When will they get the hint? Americans are onto you, NFL kneeling ingrates.

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Onto what, you ask?

Everyone knows a protest has a demand. Your claim about police brutality is a lie, and cannot be backed up by any fact on record. So your demand can only be lowering the justice system bar, to spit on the 14th Amendment, and what it boils down to, is this. NFL fans know you’re disrespecting America, and we know you’re just demanding Criminal Affirmative Action, and we’ll have nothing to do with that!

So as the NFL enters its eighth week of the season, sports fans continue to notice dwindling stadium attendance and even lower television viewership.

President Trump, echoing the sentiments of the fans, slammed the player protests on social media on Monday, saying the NFL had “no leadership” after commissioner Roger Goodell refused to ask their athletes to remain standing during the anthem.

NFL fans have said the same thing about Goodell since he took over the helm of the NFL. #FireGoodell, ‘nuf said.

Furious fans noticed too, opting to stay home and watch something else over the weekend; with football stadiums across the country looking half empty as teams took the field.

“Swaths of empty seats here post kickoff,” tweeted the sports editor for the Associated Press.

While the NFL struggles to understand reality through their rose-colored PC glasses, their brand is taking more damage by the day. They may never regain their popularity, and the longer the protests continue, the deeper the damage cuts.

The fact is, many fans would rather the league make standing respectfully for the national anthem mandatory, and if the players choose to strike over the issue, those same fans would rather watch replacement players that show respect for America.

As ratings plummet, owners and officials are beginning to bar their players from “taking a knee” before the game. Earlier this month, just two teams –the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins- banned their athletes from “disrespecting” the anthem and the flag.

So we’ll see who wins out. The fact of the matter is, the NFL protests are not covered under the 1st Amendment, as Free Speech does not include lies. The NFL protest’s foundation is a completely false premise, and therefore it not legitimate protected free speech protected by the Constitution. The Founding Fathers expected We the People to remain a virtuous people, where lies were never acceptable, let alone protected free speech.

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