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Emma Gonzalez Terrified ‘Someone With Gun Stickers On Their Car’ Will Run Her Off the Road #Hoggwash #guncontrol

Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor, gun-control fascist and paid whiner, androgynous girl Emma González says that she now fears being recognized in public and driven off the road by gun enthusiasts, and nobody cares.

A new Vanity Fair profile piece on the 18-year-old gun control fascist was promoted by the magazine on social media with a quote about her newfound fame.

“I’m still worried, when I drive down the road and I’m not wearing a hat, that someone with gun stickers on their car is going to recognize me and run me off the road,” she said in an exchange the magazine shared on Twitter.

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Ironically, the magazine deleted the tweet after a deluge of people who see through Gonzalez’ fraud paid a visit to express their thoughts.

In her interview, she babbled:

“[The notoriety] does feel a little strange,” she added. “It’s not a bad thing though because it’s nice to know how expansive our message has gotten. If people are listening because they like the people who are delivering the message, that’s all the better because it means we’re doing our jobs, which is getting the message to everybody who needs to hear it. I never used to be afraid to have my head uncovered in public spaces. It’s not settling to have people recognize you and come up to you when your head is uncovered versus when it’s covered and nobody comes up to you. It’s a weird feeling. So if I wear a hat and sunglasses, not as many people recognize me.”

Ms. González helped create the George Soros funded money-laundering organization March for Our Lives after the Feb. 14 shooting that killed 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Her irrational hatred of guns and loud mouth landed her on the Hitler-praising, Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential” list and grew her social media megaphone to 1.66 million Twitter mindless useful idiots.

“We’ve gotten a lot of people registered to vote,” she said. “Even if one more person who normally wouldn’t have gone to the midterms goes to the midterms this November, I personally will feel that we’ve done our jobs. And I know it’s going to be a lot more than one person. Four million people turn 18 this year in time for the midterms. So if we could get every one of those kids registered and even half of them to vote, we will have a major impact. … I most definitely feel hopeful [about America’s future] because I’ve met so many people who are ready to engage in our political system, and these are exactly the people we need to engage.”


Recently, her partner in anti-gun fascism, Gun control activist David Hogg took to Twitter to spread a conspiracy theory about the end of so-called “net neutrality.”

He stated that the companies that provide internet services and “the politicians” will conspire against websites that help register voters.

“Just wait till ISPs start collaborating with the politicians to slow down vote registration websites to suppress peoples right to vote. The survival of #NetNeutrality is up to you this November,” he wrote.

One common claim that backers of the 2015 rule make is that, without a requirement to provide equal speeds to all users (i.e., the environment for the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections), internet-service providers will charge more to small users and/or those without corporate connections. They also point to the number of ISPs decreasing with corporate takeovers, reports the Washington Times.

However, there is no evidence that corporations would have any interest in collaborating with Republicans to suppress the vote, especially of minorities and Democrats.

The Federal Communications Commission, under President Trump, repealed the law, effective this week.


Hogg has also put himself and his family in the cross hairs with his activism, and who can blame anyone for disliking him?

He lies every chance he gets, holds businesses hostage with his moronic die-ins, and generally does his best to be the least American person he can muster.

Last week, someone fed up with his shenanigans managed to get his house “swatted”.

A SWAT team was called to the Florida home of a Parkland school shooting survivor, and two schools were placed on lockdown after someone made a prank call to the local sheriff’s office.

The Broward County sheriff’s department received a call at 8:39am claiming there was someone with a weapon inside the home of shooting survivor David Hogg, a department spokesperson told The Independent.

Two local elementary schools were placed on lockdown while the incident was investigated, according to CBS.

He later told CBS that he had no idea who made the call, but called it a “distraction” from the issues at hand.

“This is a serious attempt of people try to distract us from what we are trying to do here, which is solve the gun violence epidemic and get youth out to vote,” he said.

In reality, it’s a message for him to stop his jihad against the rights for people to defend themselves. Perhaps he should consider skulking back to his basement before people really get fed up with his shenanigans.



James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
October 10th, 2018


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