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Matt Drudge Flames Anti-Trump Propagandist Michael Wolff #Trump #DrudgeReport

Author Michael Wolff said in a new interview that he believes President Trump does not want to be the president.

“There is nothing to indicate that … Trump is going to find his footing as the president of the United States, that he’s going to be able to put a staff around him … that knows what they’re doing and a staff that he listens to,” Wolff told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He added that it seems clear Trump will never settle on “attainable goals.”

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Matt Drudge, founder and editor of The Drudge Report, called “bullsh*t” Tuesday on a claim made by author Michael Wolff, who penned “Fire and Fury,” an alleged exposé of President Donald Trump.

Reacting to a story published in The Hill titled, “Michael Wolff: Trump does not want to be president,” Drudge took to Twitter, declaring Wolff’s accounts of Trump “fabricated bullsh*t.” Drudge says he recently dined with President Trump and found him to be “loving his job”:

“Time to call out Michael Wolff and his fabricated bullshit! I had dinner with the president a few weeks ago and he was in fine form.

“He was optimistic, engaged, on top of the world, loving the job.

And already talking about his 2020 re-election run!!”

The Hill article quotes an interview with Wolff, in which the Wolff says:

“In the end, I think that the real truth is he does not want to be the president — the president of the United States.”

“He wants to be, instead, Donald Trump.”


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January 23rd, 2018