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DNC Enters 2018 Over 6 Million In Debt – Voters Ignoring Pleas For Donations #Democrats #DNC

The Democratic National Committee had a rough 2017, plagued by leadership troubles, internal squabbling, and unflattering reports. To top it off, the party ended the year “dead broke,” says The Intercept’s Ryan Grim.

The Democratic Party is carrying more than $6 million in debt, according to year-end filings — and has just $6.5 million in the bank. Do the math, and the party is working with just over $400,000 overall.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are swimming in pools of money. The Republican National Committee had raised $132 million by the end of 2017 — about twice as much as the DNC — and entered 2018 with almost $40 million to spare, with not a penny of debt.

The lack of Democratic fundraising highlights growing fractures within the Democratic party as it sets its sights on 2018; with the progressive wing furious over Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s shutdown surrender earlier this month.

Now sit back and wait. As bad as the fundraising was bad last year, now that Democrats have exposed themselves to the entire world as America-last traitors, the money tree is expected to whither and dry up.

Even if the Democratic Party did a 180 on their policies, they have destroyed any trust they may have once had with the majority of the population with their ridiculous stunts during and after the State of the Union address.

I’d say good luck, Democrats, but if there is any luck involved, the Democrats will go under, once and for all.

America will be much better off if that happens.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
February 3rd, 2018


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