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Disney Employee Arrested in Massive Child Pornography Sting #Disney #ChildTrafficking

Detectives in Polk County have arrested 11 men in connection to “Operation Guardians of Innocence II,” an undercover child pornography investigation.

The operation focused on identifying and arresting those involved in the possession, promotion, and distribution of child pornography, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

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A total of 660 felony charges were filed in the child-porn sting, with more charges pending, authorities said.

Detectives said a Walt Disney World employee, Legoland employee, and a Boy Scout parent helper were among those arrested.

omputer equipment connected to one suspect showed child pornography of kids as young as 3 years old, according to the sheriff’s office. A suspect at that address, Roger Catey, 53, of Davenport, admitted to viewing child pornography, according to the sheriff’s office.

Catey told detectives he’s employed at Walt Disney World as a project manager in the costumes department. According to news reports, a Disney spokesperson said Catey was employed there until Monday.

Rickie Vargas-Garcia, 30, of Davenport, said he trades and views child pornography and solicits girls to send him nude photos and videos of themselves, according to the sheriff’s office. He would tell them he’s 18, officials said.

He said he’s a Legoland builder, according to news reports. Officials said he did not work for Legoland Florida, at the park or in the park. Authorities identified him as a Lego builder for Merlin Entertainment.

Zachary Ramirez, 16, of Kissimmee, said he viewed images depicting children as young as infants, authorities said.


Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, said in a press release that they have not yet identified any local child victims, and that most of the content confiscated “depicted children being sexually battered.”


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June 6th, 2018


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