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Importing Diseases – Mass Immigration Threatens the Future of America #Trump #immigration #CDC

Importing Diseases – Mass Immigration Threatens the Future of America

As the debate on illegal immigration turns into action in the New Year, one of the main concerns about the entrance to our country of anybody, from any part of the world, legally or illegally, has to be their health.

At a time in history when one can travel to just about any place in the world, certainly to any population center, in 24 hours or less, communicable diseases must be placed at the top of the list of concerns, no less important than potential terrorist attacks.

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The world’s 36 megacities, cities with 10 million or more residents, are a huge potential incubator of diseases as millions live in squalor in very close proximity. The United Nations estimates over one-third of the inhabitants live in slums. The UN also estimates there will be 45 megacities by 2030.

Tokyo has 38 million residents. Shanghai and Jakarta also each have a population over 30 million.

Twenty-two megacities are in Asia, five in Europe, three each in Africa, South America, and North America, (New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico City).

The infectious diseases brought into our country by “unaccompanied children,” “refugees,” and illegal aliens are:
• Tuberculosis • Whooping Cough
• Measles • Mumps
• Scarlet Fever • Zika
• Bubonic Plague • Dengue Fever
• Chikungunya • Enterovirus D68
• Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy)

Crowded living conditions, schools, restaurants, all forms of public transportation from airports to buses to subways in every country present the perfect opportunity to spread an infectious disease.

Even today New Yorkers recall the “No Spitting” signs in the New York City subways as recently as the 1960s, which were placed there to prevent the spread of Tuberculosis (TB). The state of Indiana had an “Anti-Spitting” campaign in the early twentieth century.

Tuberculosis can be put at the top of the list of potential immigration health hazards. TB has been infecting mankind for thousands of centuries, evidence of TB has been found in hominids dating back 500,000 years. Tuberculosis is easy to catch, but hard to cure.

With unsecured borders the optimism of the 1980s, that tuberculosis would be eradicated by 2010, is no closer to reality today than the erroneous announcement in 1890 that Koch had found the cure.

Today, one-third (over 2 billion people) of the world’s population is infected with TB.

Two-thirds of America’s Tuberculosis cases are foreign-born.


In a world where huge population centers are growing and world-wide travel is possible and affordable to billions of people, there should be no admittance to our country of anyone who is not monitored and examined for infectious disease.

Certainly the diseases of concern can be treated, cured, and/or prevented. The most important question is; “Why should we expose our population to suffering from communicable diseases from foreign countries when we can take sensible action to prevent it?”

Securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws will help protect us from terrorism and criminals and also will help to prevent infectious diseases, which come with great expense and community disruption, and prevent some of the human suffering that mankind has experienced for millennia.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
December 12th, 2017

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