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Desperate Global Warming “Experts” Scramble To Explain Frigid Weather #ClimateChange #globalwarming #weather #science

Despite the entire notion of man-made climate change being proven a hoax by verifiable data many times, global warming is still somehow the cause of frigid weather blowing in from the Arctic to leftist mob-mentality “scientists”.

By global warming logic, I should be able to cook food in my freezer… Yeah, don’t see that happening anytime soon.

But the truth never got in the way of a Marxist, and that’s exactly what the climate change/global warming agenda really is. Everything is for “the Revolution”, and “climate change” caused by humanity is meant to tax everyone into poverty. An impoverished citizenry is an easily controlled population.

As to be expected, when every bit of data proves global warming to be a hoax, leftists come up with new excuses as to why even though they’ve been wrong about everything, somehow, THIS TIME, they’re right.

North America is currently in the grips of a brutal arctic front, bringing record cold temperatures and dumping record amounts of snow all over the nation, and global warming proponents have a variety of excuses why COLD is the new WARM.

Here’s some of the excuses offered by supporters of the Cult of Climate Change.

It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean climate change isn’t real

“This week’s cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming”, said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan.

“it’s gotten easier for freezing Arctic air to swoop further south” “That is due to the warming of the Arctic, which in turn is due to human emissions of greenhouse gases and primarily burning of fossil fuels,” Overpeck said in an interview.

So what happens if global temperatures take a real plunge for a sustained period? Don’t worry, the explainers have that one covered as well – James Hansen, former NASA GISS Director, published a paper which suggests global warming will trigger a short ice age in the near future. At least in theory this is possible if the desalination of ocean water from melting ice caps were to occur at a much more dramatic rate than they currently are, or have any sign of doing. Odds of happening? Slim at best.

Global temperature becomes an unreliable diagnostic of planetary condition as the ice melt rate increases.

Large scale regional cooling occurs in the North Atlantic and Southern oceans by mid-century (Fig. 16) for 10-year doubling of freshwater injection. A 20-year doubling places similar cooling near the end of this century, 40 years ear- lier than in our prior simulations (Fig. 7), as the factor of 4 increase in current freshwater from Antarctica is a 40-year advance.

Cumulative North Atlantic freshwater forcing in sverdrup years (Sv years) is 0.2 Sv years in 2014, 2.4 Sv years in 2050, and 3.4Sv years (its maximum) prior to 2060 (Fig. S14). The critical issue is whether human-spurred ice sheet mass loss can be approximated as an exponential process during the next few decades. Such nonlinear behavior depends upon amplifying feedbacks, which, indeed, our climate simulations reveal in the Southern Ocean.

Global warming is an infinitely flexible, unscientific, unfalsifiable theory which can be stretched to accommodate any observation. Some Climate Scientists even shamelessly reject the very concept of scientific falsification with regard to the conduct of climate science.

1. Methods aren’t always necessarily falsifiable

Falsifiability is the idea that an assertion can be shown to be false by an experiment or an observation, and is critical to distinctions between “true science” and “pseudoscience”.

It is difficult to propose a test of climate models in advance that is falsifiable.

Science is complicated – and doesn’t always fit the simplified version we learn as children.

No matter what happens to the weather, the climate explainers shamelessly cobble together an explanation which blames bad weather on your sinful lifestyle.

Pretty sad when your last gasp turns into nothing more than a guilt trip.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
December 29th, 2017

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