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Deported 20 Times, Illegal Mexican Convicted In Brutal Rapes of Multiple Oregon Women *VIDEO* #Trump #Mexico #immigration

Deported 20 Times, Illegal Mexican Convicted In Brutal Rapes of Multiple Oregon Women

An illegal alien scumbag Mexican man with a rap sheet a mile long and who has been deported back to Mexico 20 times agreed to a plea deal Friday on charges including sexual assault, burglary and kidnapping.

Sergio Martinez, 31, agreed to plead guilty to 10 counts stemming from those crimes and will spend 35 years in prison. He will also be registered as a sex offender.

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The hearing at the Multnomah County Courthouse wrapped up multiple crimes that happened this past July against two women.

Martinez broke into a 68-year-old woman’s apartment and sexually assaulted her, then hours later assaulted another woman and stole her car.

He was arrested the next night following a foot chase by Portland police, reports KPTV.

The case enfuriated citizens who love America and thrilled no-borders leftists because of Martinez didn’t have any federal holds to keep him jail despite the many deportations.

The daughter of the sexual assault victim was in court Friday and recalled the horror of seeing her mother after the crime.

“Walking into my mom’s apartment, to have another police officer tell me I couldn’t be there because this was a crime scene,” she said. “Running outside to see my mom on a stretcher, her face covered in blood, her hair matted in blood, scarves and socks tied around her neck and her wrists.”

The daughter went on to say that no sentence would be “justice served,” but their consolation is knowing Martinez was no longer free to hurt someone else.

Martinez did not wish to speak in court other to plead guilty to each count.

According to court records, Martinez was on meth at the time of his arrest and reported using the drug every day.

He has a criminal history dating back more than 10 years and has been deported to Mexico 20 times, most recently in November of last year.

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December 4th, 2017

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