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Democrats Publicly Downplaying Civil War Between Establishment & Communist Factions #Democrats #Communist

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) failure to win her party’s endorsement at California’s state convention is triggering new questions about whether the Democratic Party has become the Communist Party amid grass-roots enthusiasm driven by Marxist opposition to President Trump.

Feinstein won a paltry 37 percent in the weekend vote, and was trounced by California Senate leader Kevin de León, who ran to the left of the veteran politician.

Some Democrats are arguing that California is a special case, and that Feinstein’s struggles reflect an increasing progressive (Communist) shift in the Golden State that isn’t necessarily reflective of the larger party, reports The Hill.

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“I think the situation in California is very particular to that race itself rather than a nationwide trend,” said Democratic strategist Jon Selib, in an attempt to distract from the party’s shift toward Communism. He served as chief of staff to then-Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.).

“You have a generational leadership changeover happening in the state, and California happens to be one of the most progressive-leaning states in the country.”

But others say Feinstein’s problems are just the latest sign that the Democratic Party is shifting toward being openly Communist as a reaction to Trump, but also in the aftermath of the 2016 primary election victory of more-centrist Hillary Clinton over a surprisingly powerful challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“If people don’t realize that all the energy and enthusiasm is coming from the left, they need to get their heads examined,” Democratic strategist Jim Manley said bluntly.

“The reason why Democrats are winning is because the progressives (Communists) of the party are coming out to vote,” Manley continued. “And they’re doing that because they’re concerned about this president and the direction he’s trying to take this country. I get the concern that we can’t be alienating parts of the party, but I think it’s pretty clear that we as a party are becoming much more progressive (Communist).”

While that may be the case, there are signs that Democrats in Washington are worried the tilt toward being openly Communist could cost their party as it seeks to take advantage of a possible wave and win back majorities in the Senate and House this fall.

In the House, it will require a net gain of 24 seats, some of which may be in centrist terrain.

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Feinstein is still facing questions about the convention debacle.

Asked by reporters on Monday evening if the Democratic Party was to the left of her, she replied, “It is on single-payer,” referring to the Communist health-care system backed by Sanders and most of the other Democratic senators seen as possible presidential candidates in 2020.

It’s quite clear to the political observer that there is a silent revolution happening in the Democratic Party, as the younger, more indoctrinated Communists slowly replaced the Establishment Democrats, they reached critical mass, and have begun the process of flushing out the few centrists in the party.


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February 28th, 2018


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