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Action On Immigration & Guns Not Happening As GOP Goes Into Turtle Mode #Trump #GOP #Democrats

Legislating on Capitol Hill is quickly screeching to a halt, despite shrieks by irrational leftists for action on guns and immigration, as the GOP goes into turtle mode to protect itself before a highly contested election.

Even as student survivors (assisted by crisis actors & an irrational media) of last month’s mass shooting at a Florida high school clamor for action on gun control and young illegal alien “Dreamers” that have become a nightmare. converge on Congress to protest their possible deportation, Republicans in the House are pivoting to messaging bills and away from the hot-button issues that have dominated the first two months of the year, reports The Hill.

Senate Majority Leader, King of the RINOs, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) signaled that his chamber would not take up gun reform this week. Instead, the Senate will take up a banking reform bill, even after President Trump challenged lawmakers to pass a sweeping background checks bill in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

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On immigration, a federal court order blocking Trump’s effort to end an Obama-era program protecting Dreamers, illegal aliens brought into the country as children, has taken the pressure off Congress to act.
Now lawmakers are not expected to touch the issue before Election Day in November.

Senate Majority Whip, RINO John Cornyn (R-Texas) said he’s not sure there’s enough time to tackle Trump’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan — a centerpiece of the president’s 2018 agenda. And there is little sign of renewing the effort to repeal ObamaCare.

The inaction is likely to disappoint rabid activists hoping that Washington might move on gun control and protecting Dreamers.

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But it will also disappoint Republicans who had hoped to make progress on their conservative priorities after December’s big win on tax cuts.

“Going into 2018, members’ hopes were high that we would ride on the momentum of tax reform to repeal more of ObamaCare or reign in entitlement spending,” said one senior GOP aide. “After the Republican retreat [in February], that momentum was brought to a halt with talk of lowering expectations. Not only would neither of those big ticket items be done, but we would not even try to do reconciliation or a budget.”

GOP leaders are scrambling to prevent a Democratic wave in this fall’s midterm elections.

With that in mind, GOP leaders are loath to consider votes on issues that could prove difficult for vulnerable, centrist Republicans.

At the same time, conservative lawmakers are pressing for a more aggressive election-year agenda, fearful of the possibility of primary challenges emerging from the right.

“Tensions are building as members express concern that they have tough elections ahead of them and these concerns are not being taken seriously,” the GOP aide added. “Leadership is telling members to just keep talking about tax reform and it will all be fine.

“Members aren’t buying it.”


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March 5th, 2018


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