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Democrats & Media Neglect To Mention “Separated Children” Are Being Trafficked by Cartels #SeparatingChildren #DeportThemAll

Border Patrol agents found the man walking a little boy up a dirt road north of the Rio Grande near Mission, Texas, with eight other Central American illegal aliens.

The pair wore matching blue-striped polo shirts.

The man claimed that he was a taxi driver who had fled San Pedro Sula, a notoriously dangerous city in northern Honduras. He claimed a gang had threatened to kill him for not paying money they wanted to extort from him.

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He had crossed the border illegally in March hoping to join his wife in Louisiana, and the boy, he told agents, was their 5-year-old son, Bryan.

When’s the boy’s birthday? an agent asked. Jan. 21, but he couldn’t remember the year — a red flag for agents.

Since October,only approximately 700 illegal alien children have been taken from adults claiming to be their parents, including more than 100 children under age 4. U.S. officials said they were trying to protect children who may be victims of trafficking or exploitation, but pro-invasion advocates argue it’s the latest attempt by the Trump administration to stop illegal aliens families from seeking asylum, the Los Angeles Times reports.

A “zero tolerance” border enforcement policy that took effect last week and was announced Monday by Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions may result in families who illegally cross the border being separated after their arrest, with parents going to adult detention facilities and youths going to juvenile shelters.

A Border Patrol spokesman who spoke on background said the agency

“strives to maintain the family unity,” but that parents may be separated from their children because of insufficient detention space, criminal histories, abuse and fraud, including “questionable familial relationships.”

He said:

agents “often rely on a child’s verbal and nonverbal cues to assist in determining a bona fide claim of parentage or legal guardianship,” including “the child’s familiarity and/or interaction with the adult, the child referring to the adult by his/her first name, and the child’s apprehensiveness toward the adult.”


It’s difficult for illegal aliens to assert parental rights. Some cross the border with their children’s birth certificates tucked in pockets or plastic bags. Agents often call local consulates to check families’ documents. But the documents can be faked, agents said. Even if consular staff verify them, agents may still challenge illegal aliens’ claims to their children.

In Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, where most illegal alien families have been crossing the border in the last five years, the Border Patrol reported 462 cases of fraud among children and family illegal aliens and prosecuted 60 cases this fiscal year, which began in October. Agents have also separated parents by detaining and charging them with illegal entry in federal criminal court and placing children in temporary shelters.

Katie Waldman, a Homeland Security Department spokeswoman, said in a statement that the agency is:

“looking at all options in conjunction with the attorney general’s zero tolerance policy for those illegally crossing the border.” She said they had “a legal obligation to protect the best interests of the child whether that be from human smugglings, drug traffickers or nefarious actors who knowingly break our immigration laws.”

Pro-invasion advocates are fighting the separations, and some suspect they are being funded clandestinely by cartels to keep the human trafficking trade flowing smoothly.


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June 20th, 2018


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