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WATCH – “Democrats Are Asking For the DREAM Act or Nothing. That’s a Nonstarter”: McSally *VIDEO* #Trump #immigration

Leave it up to Democrats to ask for the impossible. Our Communist way, or the highway seems to be their motto these days.

They apparently didn’t get the memo last November that Americans do not want the Democrat vision of America. If we did, we’d have elected Hitlery Rotten Clinton. We didn’t.

But, instead of realizing the error of their ways, Democrats are doing everything they can to slow down, obstruct, and stop any changes Trump proposes that would actually make America a better place.

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On Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) said Democrats were “asking for the DREAM Act or nothing,” and she said that was a “nonstarter.”

McSally said:

“We have been working on this tirelessly for the last four months together and we expect to be dropping it as early as tomorrow. We believe again, if you look at on the one side, you see the Democrats are asking for the DREAM Act or nothing. That’s a nonstarter. Most Republicans are willing to have a conversation about DACA recipients it but we need to secure our border and not have a situation where we have 8000 more DACA recipients in one, two, five years from now.”

She added, “These are reasonable requests that will be in the bill that are dumping public sanctuary cities, strong border security, also the chain migration, visa lottery, and the accompanying minor reform, those kind of things will be in the bill. And this is showing that we are willing to be reasonable and address the issue, but we have to address the root cause as to why we have the situation in the first place.”


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January 11th, 2017

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