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Democrat Megadonor Calls Party EVIL, Will Register As Independent #Democrat #Trump

Democrat Megadonor Calls Party EVIL, Will Register As Independent

It’s about time.

Let’s face reality here. The Democratic Party is corrupt beyond measure. Even after being crushed in the Civil War, Democrats have clung to their racism, hate and division for 2 centuries now.

FINALLY, some of the leftist elite have begun to see the light. The Democratic Party is on life support, and not expected to survive.

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The Democrats suffered a massive blow to their bank accounts and credibility when John Morgan, a prominent donor to the liberal side, said he can no longer ‘muster enthusiasm for any of today’s politicians.’

We can only hope this is the beginning of an exodus from the DemoCommunist Party of America.

Politico reports that Democratic Party mega-donor John Morgan tossed a bomb Friday into the 2018 political landscape, saying in a post-Thanksgiving message he is leaving the Democratic Party, and that Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson should not run for re-election, but rather seek the governor’s mansion so he can leave a “legacy.”

“I can’t muster enthusiasm for any of today’s politicians,” the prominent trial lawyer and Democratic fundraiser wrote on Twitter. “They are all the same. Both parties. I plan to register as an independent and when I vote, vote for the lesser of two evils.”

Morgan did not close the door on the idea of running for governor himself — a notion supported by many in his party — but said in his message, if he did, he would do so as an independent. In follow-up text messages with POLITICO Florida, Morgan confirmed he was not saying he would not run for governor, “just not as a Dem,” he said.

He said he would still support Democratic candidates he “likes personally,” including Sen. Bill Nelson. Morgan, though, said he thinks Nelson should run for governor, not a fourth-term in the U.S. Senate.

I believe [Nelson] should run for governor. He is the Dem’s best chance and he would be happier there,” Morgan wrote in a text message to POLITICO Florida. “In the Senate he accomplishes nothing. As governor he could have a legacy.”

Morgan had previously hosted high-dollar fundraisers for Hillary Clinton in her 2016 presidential bid as reported by Florida Politics.

Morgan’s exit from consideration in the Democratic field clears the path for Graham, who most polls put her ahead among declared candidates, and Philip Levine, the Miami Beach Mayor who is winning the money race and released the first television ad in the contest.

For much of 2017, Morgan teased a play for the Democratic nomination; even as early as February, he posted a Facebook link to a Tampa Bay Times article suggesting that he’d be the most potent Democratic candidate for the state’s highest office.

Morgan plans to register as an Independent, per Miami Herald:

He said he plans to register as an independent and vote for “the lesser of two evils.” If he were to run, he said, he would run as an independent.

This likely isn’t great news for Florida’s Democratic Party, which has traditionally counted on Morgan to open his wallet for its candidates. He’s been known to host fundraising dinners for Hillary Clinton and charge thousands of dollars a plate.

But Morgan said the tweets don’t mean he’s out of the race altogether.

“As a Democrat, yes,” he said. “I’m not sure about what I want to do, but I know what I don’t want to do.”

Morgan said his disillusionment with the Democratic Party has been brewing. He bought a table at the State Democratic Conference this year, but left before it was over, he said.

“It was just blah, blah, blah,” he said. “Talking a lot but saying nothing.”

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November 28th, 2017

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