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After Yelling “Mr. President, F*** you!”, Democrat Intern Suspended *VIDEO* #Trump #Democrats

An intern for Sen. Maggie Hassan, a New Hampshire Democrat, has been suspended for a week after shouting an expletive toward President Donald Trump last week from across the Capitol rotunda.

In footage captured by NBC reporter Frank Thorp last Tuesday, Trump can be seen arriving at the Capitol to meet with Republican lawmakers about immigration.

As the President’s entourage was entering the speaker’s office on one side of the rotunda, a voice can be heard calling out, “Mr. President, F*** you!”

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Congressional authorities were finally able to identifiy Marriott and speak with her to determine if she posed a threat to the president, sources said.

She raced from where she heckled Trump, forcing U.S. Capitol Police to put out a “be on the lookout” over their radios.

After deciding Marriott didn’t pose a threat to President Trump, authorities decided there was no other action they could take. However, Fox News was told that Marriott will be confined to her duties in Hassan’s office on the third floor of the Hart Senate office building and earned a week-long suspension.

Before Trump’s visit to the Capitol last Tuesday, a gaggle of interns gathered on the Senate side of the Capitol Rotunda behind a line of Capitol Police officers and Secret Service agents. When the president arrived, Marriott shouted the epithet as Trump walked into the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

A spokesman for Hassan confirmed in a statement that disciplinary measures had been taken against the intern.


“We are aware of the situation and have taken disciplinary action, including a one-week suspension and revoking her Congressional intern ID badge (thereby restricting her access to the Capitol), in response to her breach of office policies regarding respectful and appropriate conduct. We also facilitated contact with Capitol Police,” Aaron Jacobs said.

Sadly, this is just one small example of childish behavior by Democrats toward President Trump and his supporters.

If more people were aware of the fact that studies show that in order to become a liberal to begin with, a person has to be severely mentally ill, we would reopen mental asylums so they can receive the help they so desperately need.

“The descriptive analyses report that those higher in Eysenck’s psychoticism are liberal.”

In the paper, psychoticism is associated with traits such as tough-mindedness, risk-taking, sensation-seeking, impulsivity and authoritarianism.

The social-desirability scale measures people’s tendency to answer questions in ways they believe would please researchers, even if it means overestimating their positive characteristics and underestimating negative ones.

Professor Steven Ludeke of the University of Southern Denmark, who pointed out the errors in the initial findings, told Retraction Watch that they “matter quite a lot.”

“The erroneous results represented some of the larger correlations between personality and politics ever reported; they were reported and interpreted, repeatedly, in the wrong direction,” he said.

So you see, you were right. Liberalism is a mental illness, or at least a person can’t become liberal without being mentally ill.


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June 27th, 2018


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