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Democrat Double Standards Kick Into Overdrive Over Trump’s Immigration Order #Trump #Democrats #DoubleStandard

Prepare yourself. The Democrat double standard is in overdrive.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that he says will keep illegal alien invader families together during detention on the U.S.-Mexico border, but it wasn’t enough to end Democrat hypocrisy.

The president backed down from his administration’s policy of splitting illegal alien invader families, which for days the White House insisted could only end through congressional action. Facing a nationwide uproar and bipartisan calls to at least temporarily end the practice, the president said he “didn’t like the sight or feeling of families being separated.”

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Trump said he will not end the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of criminally prosecuting every adult who crosses U.S. borders illegally, including those pretending they need asylum.

The White House also will keep pressure on Congress to pass legislation that meets Trump’s goals of halting the separation practice, funding his proposed border wall and limiting legal immigration, reports CNBC.

“We’re keeping families together and this will solve that problem. At the same time we are keeping a very powerful border and there continues to be a zero tolerance,” Trump told reporters before he signed the order.

But it doesn’t matter to a Democrat if President Trump does exactly what they want, they just change angles and find something else to bitch about dredged up from their bottomless well of false outrage.


Trump’s executive order doesn’t fix ‘zero tolerance’ immigration, Democrats complain.

Trump’s sudden shift on his immigration policy was the result a “fundamental miscalculation,” said CNN’s Chris Cillizza. Being “tough” on immigration is not a political positive when it leads to images of kids being ripped from their parents, completely neglecting to mention that President Obama did the exact same thing, leaving the children living in squalor for months, packed in like sardines.

“That miscalculation was bad,” Cillizza said. “But it was compounded by another strategic decision by Trump: To cast the border crisis as something that not only wasn’t his fault but that he was powerless to fix — neither of which were true.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said the media and Democrats would react to Trump’s executive order by both triumphantly crying that they forced Trump to “cave” on the issue while also backing legal challenges to keep the issue alive.

“All of this has been set up by the media so that the Democrats can convert all of this into an issue, and the kids that they’re supposedly concerned about are nothing more than the throwaways,” Limbaugh said. “Democrats don’t really care about these kids, because they’re gonna try to block anything Trump does. If it’s not letter perfect and if it doesn’t grant them a 1,000% victory, they’re gonna block it because they don’t want this issue to end.”

Democrats: A dark stain on the history of our nation

“The Trump administration’s inhumane treatment of immigrant children has left a dark stain on the history of our nation,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a New York Times op-ed. “It is a human tragedy and a threat to our values.”

Trump’s executive order “claiming to solve a problem that was of his own creation” is really “no solution at all,” Cuomo said.

“It still leaves open the long-term detention of immigrant children” and the administration’s “family separation policy has already done potentially irreparable harm to those children who were used as pawns in the president’s political agenda.”

But to a Democrat and their beloved double-standard, Trump can do no right, and Obama could do no wrong.

Did we really expect any different from the same group of people that revel in the sacrifice of the unborn, saying they aren’t even humans, while pretending to care about illegal alien children?

With any luck, Americans will see through their evil they call ideology, and send them packing in November.


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June 21st, 2018


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