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WATCH – After Finding Note, Grieving Daughter Fears Nurse Murdered Conservative Father *VIDEO* #Obama #crime #news

On a recent episode of Dr Phil, Amanda Thomas expresses her grief, and belief that her father, met his maker by nefarious means.

“I think my father, Rex Thomas, was murdered,” says Amanda, despite an autopsy that determined he died of natural causes.

She says that her father was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in August 2014 and went into the hospital in December, and by January 5, 2015, he was dead.

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“The day after my father died, we found a note that he left for us in his Book of Mormon. The note, literally, said, ‘My primary care nurse is forcing me to take Fentanyl despite my oxygen saturation being at 72%. Fentanyl lowers oxygen saturation. I think she may be trying to kill me,’” claims Amanda. “My father said he thought someone was trying to kill him and six hours later, he was dead. I know my father was murdered and I want justice.”


Amanda’s mother says getting answers about her father’s death has consumed her daughter. “Before Rex died, she loved to go out, and Karaoke, and meet people and dance,” Sandy says. “She used to really want to get her degree, and she had goals. And then, all of a sudden, it was nothing.”

Amanda declares, “I won’t stop fighting for my father until I get all the answers.”

What the interview doesn’t cover, is what Rex did in his off-time. You see, he was vehemently against Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, and regularly protested against his outlaw regime.

Rex’s signs at Operation American Spring in Washington DC, 2014

The last few years of his life, he was very active in a conservative group, Overpasses For America. The group has been under nearly constant attack and censorship on Facebook due to political beliefs contrary to the globalist Mark Zuckerberg.

He also made himself very visible at a massive anti-Obama protest in Washington D.C. the previous year that was dubbed Operation American Spring, where the protesters demanded the removal of President Obama.

Rex had even planned on protesting against Obama on an overpass outside the 2015 Superbowl in Phoenix , but was struck down before his protest ever happened. Some wonder if he didn’t tell the nurse about his planned protest, which may have led to her murdering him.

His family and friends deserve and demand answers. Was Rex assassinated by a Democrat nurse? Considering how many time Democrats have called for the extermination of Republicans, one really has to wonder.

Enjoy the video below, created by Rex Thomas. May he rest in peace.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
January 17th, 2018

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