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Cult Leader Aims To Start ‘Consensual’ Sex Robot Brothel #robotics #cult #science #technology

Sex robots are taking over the world, which is good news for people who want to fuck but can’t be bothered to deal with other humans, and bad news for people who don’t want to be murdered by a sex robot.

With the rise of sex robots comes the presumptive rise of sex robot brothels, including one proposed brothel that would require patrons to obtain consent.

Of course, whether or not robots can consent to anything is sort of up in the air, though HBO has already devoted two seasons to pondering this very question.

According to The Daily Beast, the consent-seeking sex robot brothel is the brainchild of alleged cult leader Unicole Unicron, who recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring said establishment to West Hollywood in the near future. The brothel, dubbed “Eve’s Robot Dreams,” purports to be “the first consent-focused robot brothel in the world,” where patrons meet and chat with companion Real Doll bots in a cafe, then invite their preferred doll to a private room.

In order to bone the bot, though, they have to spend enough time chatting with the doll through a chat bot app, and the dolls are free to reject whomever they feel hasn’t built up enough of a connection.

Unicron, who has posted a series of sex robot-related videos on her YouTube page, told The Daily Beast the brothel will function as the arm of her cult, Unicult, in order to “spread matriarchal change through AI and robots,” and that by requiring brothel patrons to obtain consent, the establishment will cultivate a “matriarchal understanding of care.”

Of course, as one expert helpfully pointed out, just because a sex robot says they give consent doesn’t really mean they do, since they’re merely programmed to be picky and aren’t sentient. Or at least they aren’t sentient yet—cultural documents suggest it’s only a matter of time before Harrison Ford starts falling in love with them to prove otherwise. But according to Eve’s Robot Dreams’ Indiegogo page, the project’s raised under $3,000 of its $155,000 goal, so it might manifest by then.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, the cult leader theorized, humans can be trained by robots to perform any number of positive sexual behaviors—such as asking for consent—by associating them with the “ultimate pleasure” of orgasm. Much like pornography has taught men to expect big breasts and shaved vaginas, Unicron said, sex robots could “brainwash” them into expecting a consensual, equitable experience.

“The same way that porn is powerful, sex robots are even more so,” Unicron said. “I believe it’s one of the most powerful technologies that has the potential to change consciousness.”

As for the other ethical concerns—such as whether the brothels will turn us all into socially inept robot-lovers constantly glued to our phones—Unicron says the business needs to be approached from a “space of awareness.”

“But I think that if we do it from a place of love,” Unicron added, “nothing can go wrong.”


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
November 26th, 2018


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