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WATCH – Crybaby Don Lemon Freaks Out Over Word “Benghazi” *VIDEO* #CNN #Benghazi #Trump

Leftists (otherwise known as liberals) are allergic to facts and reality.

When they cannot flee to their safe space, their inner leftist instinct kicks in and they simply speak or yell over the person with a factual opinion outside the realm of the fantasy they’ve built up in their leftist mind.

So it should come as no surprise when the worst “journalist” in the fake news realm of CNN, Don Lemon, freaks out when someone mentions the word “Benghazi”, because he did.


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Mental toddler CNN host Don Lemon threw a tantrum on air to prevent a conservative guest from speaking, going so far as to shout the word “No!” nine times so that Trump-supporting conservative guest Ben Ferguson could not keep talking about Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi scandal.

The exchange began with Lemon saying at the end of a segment, “I’ve got to get Ben in. Go ahead, Ben.” This was as though he were doing the Republican a favor.

Said Ferguson,

“There are a lot of people that feel like that there was special treatment that was given to people that worked for Barack Obama, and things that they did that they would have been indicted for if they were Republicans.”

He continued,

“For example, when you clearly have top-secret information on a laptop that you have on a server in the basement of your house, and then you send those top-secret classified documents to people that aren’t even cleared to see them, and then you forward them to your husband, who by the way is in jail by the name of Anthony Weiner.If that was a Republican — they would have been indicted.”

At this point, Lemon began screaming,

“No!” Ben tried to keep talking, saying, “Let me finish. I hate when you — This is what you do every time. This is what you do every single time. Let me finish. Let me finish my point.” Don didn’t let him finished, and kept shouting, “No!” Ben added, “No it’s not. It’s water under the bridge for you, Don. It’s water under the bridge for you. It’s not for the rest of the people in this country.” When Don screamed “No!” for the ninth time, he then said, “We’ll be right back” and cut to commercial.

Is this an all-time CNN low? Watch below:


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
January 1st, 2017

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