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Crowd-Control Robots Deployed In China Would Have Dr Who Scrambling For the TARDIS #o4a #China #DrWho

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October 10th, 2017

Robotic police are being used in a Chinese city to control huge holiday crowds for the first time.

Given their resemblance to Daleks, Dr Who would either be proud, or terrified that these “robocops” have been used to control crowds during the recent public holidays.

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The Chinese robotic police are a far cry from the science-fiction Robocop first played by Peter Weller in the American action-sci-fi movie. The look much more like giant trash cans or vacuum cleaners.

It would be foolhardy to think these robots are harmless and can be ignored, as they come with state-of-the-art facial recognition software that can sense danger – as well as an extendable electroshock arm.

Pictures taken by tourists in line outside the National Museum, next to the infamous Tiananmen Square, shows two of the bots bearing a “Police” insignia rolling around between the lines.

Its terrifying dystopian male voice, which asks them to “please queue in an orderly fashion and cooperate with security inspections” has some onlookers left feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“Please produce your identification documents and do not push or shove,” it adds during the presumably automated broadcast.

Officials state that the RoboCops can reduce the number of real police officers, and only one official – albeit with a Rottweiler – can be seen standing nearby.

This was the first time the bots had been used by Chinese police for crowd control, and the machines were trialled through the week-long national holidays known as “Golden Week” reports The Mirror.

More friendly looking versions of the robots have already been used at major Chinese airports, where their artificial intelligence can help visitors with flight information and gate numbers.

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