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Court Rules That Sex-Changed Father Cannot Be Child’s Mother #news #freakshow

There’s been mostly bad news from Germany lately. Mostly repercussions of a particularly bad leader, Angela Merkel.

But in some rare sane news from the Fatherland, Germany’s top court has ruled that a transsexual “woman” (man who was sex-changed) whose frozen sperm was used to fertilize an egg can be registered only as the child’s father.

While it is reprehensible enough that they would even allow such an extremely mentally ill father to have custody of the child, at least the Federal Court said it rejected the sex-changed man’s appeal against a lower court ruling preventing it from being legally listed as the child’s mother, reports the Associated Press.

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It changed sex in 2012 and its biologically female partner gave birth to a child three years later, having used the plaintiff’s sperm.

The registry office refused to list the sperm donor as the mother.

The Federal Court said judges concluded “the transsexual person’s fundamental rights aren’t breached by the fact that existing ancestry law assigns her the legal status of parent according to her former sex and the specific contribution to procreation that resulted from this”.

Judges also stated that this also referred to the the ‘specific contribution to procreation that resulted from this’.

So notch one up for sanity in Germany’s infamously leftist court system. It’s a rare event, but you’ve just witnessed one.

Now it’s up to America’s conservatives to have transsexual and transgender placed back on the treatable mental illness list, so this madness can come to a productive and humane end.

So what do you think? Should a person that is so mentally ill, they surgically mutilate their body to appear to be the opposite gender be allowed to raise children? Put your thoughts in comments below.


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January 4th, 2017

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