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Florida Cops Resist Urge To Shoot Man That Attacks Them With Large Sex Toy #crime #police

Florida Cops Resist Urge To Shoot Man That Attacks Them With Large Sex Toy

There are good days, bad days, and downright funny days like this as a police officer.

Recently, Florida cops responded to a trespassing call, instead of finding a dangerous burglar, an armed robber, or something noteworthy, they found something completely different.

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The surprised officers found themselves confronted by a male suspect armed with a “large dildo” that he swung at officers in an attempt to evade apprehension.

Following a call from a homeowner about a man sleeping on his land, sheriff’s deputies earlier this month encountered Donald Hornback, 71, snoozing on the complainant’s property in Indiantown, a village outside Port St. Lucie.

When the officers awoke the sleeping trespasser, Hornback declared that cops “had no right to remove him from the victim’s property,” according to a police report.

While Hornback gathered up his belongings and put them in a backpack, the septuagenarian then “picked up a large dildo and began to swing it around at the officers and the victim on scene.”

After a brief but entertaining melee, the perpetrator, took several swings at the responding police before being taken into custody.

The sex toy, not considered a dangerous weapon despite its impressive size, did not prompt the use of deadly force by investigators.

Hornback was subsequently disarmed by the entertained officers, and taken into custody.

Pictured above, he is free on $750 bond.

Hornback was named yesterday in a criminal information charging him with trespassing, a misdemeanor. He is scheduled for arraignment on December 14.

When a person finds themselves behind bars, often they’re given a nickname pertaining to their crime.

One can only wonder what the imaginations of this man’s fellow inmates will conjur up for attacking cops with a dildo.

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December 7th, 2017

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