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WATCH – Connecticut Cops Arrest Conservative Speaker After UConn Socialist Steals His Property *VIDEO* #UConn #Socialist #education

Connecticut Cops Arrest Conservative Speaker After UConn Socialist Steals His Property

A conservative commentator giving a speech at the University of Connecticut was arrested Tuesday after a fight broke out at a speech titled, “It’s OK To Be White.”

Interestingly enough, he was not the one who broke the law. Imagine that. A conservative being arrested in a socialist state, while the socialist walks free. Sounds like Socialist justice to me, how about you?

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UConn’s College Republicans student group was sponsoring the appearance by conservative commentator Lucian Wintrich, the White House correspondent for the right-wing blog Gateway Pundit, which said the talk would be about “identity politics” in today’s cultural and political landscape.

Whining snowflakes tried to make his appearance controversial, and bemoaned the fact that he was allowed to exercise his right to free speech. Typical of Democrats, they believe they are the only ones with the right to speak their minds.

UConn said it supports free speech and does not bar speakers on the basis of content, as it should.

The group, College Republicans said that their flyers advertising the event were defaced or destroyed all across campus.

During the speech, loudmouthed Socialist snowflakes constantly interrupted the speaker, unwilling to let the truth be spoken without a fight.

In a live video feed of the event posted to the UConn College Republicans Facebook page, a liberal woman steals some of the speakers’ property from the podium.

Wintrich goes after the woman, grabbing her as she tried to walk away, at which point security and several others rush into the fray, reports NBC Connecticit.

Warning: The video below was a raw, unedited live feed and contains some inappropriate language. You can also skip forward to 3:30 left to see the altercation.

Darden Livesay, a UConn junior, described what he saw.

“There was a girl who came– she took the papers and I believe a microphone and she started walking up the stairs. And then Lucian went after her and then tried to put his arms around her and then from there it was just chaos,” Livesay said. “Security came and jumped on him, one of the guys from his entourage came and was trying to get security off of him and then tried to get security off him, and they pinned them against the wall and they took him into the back room.”

Police quickly stepped in and led Wintrich away. He was charged with breach of peace and later released.

Wintrich took to Twitter early Wednesday to blame UConn students for being “violent and disruptive.”

“It’s really unfortunate that some of the kids at @UConn felt the need to be violent and disruptive during a speech that focused on how the leftist media is turning Americans against each other,” he wrote. “Tonight proved my point.”

A crowd of between 100 and 150 people gathered outside the building after the event and police had to disperse the crowd. During the chaos someone broke a window and threw a smoke grenade, Reitz said.

Reports that tear gas was dispersed are untrue, according to Reitz. No injuries have been reported.

The whole incident remains under investigation.

So there you have it. Democrats at their finest. Uncivilized, hypocritical, foul-mouthed, hateful, and racist, all rolled into one confrontation with a conservative.

Way to go, losers.

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November 29th, 2017

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