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Conservatives Furious When Trump Offers Dems DACA Amnesty For Border Wall *VIDEO* #Trump #DeportThemAll #DeportDACA

Trump stormed the White House with promises to his voters to deport every last illegal alien, to create a deportation force, and to build a “big, beautiful wall”. It’s beginning to look like the first promise is being used as a bargaining chip, as it appears the President is willing to allow DACA illegal aliens to remain in the United States with amnesty in exchange for the funding for the border wall.

It almost sounds like a tempting idea, except the Democrats promised that in the 1980’s for Reagan, and they were lying then too. The fact is, you cannot trust a Democrat, period. Reagan made the mistake of trusting them, and let’s hope that Trump is just using it as a teaser to get the Democrats to the bargaining table, only to highlight their obstruction once again.

We can hope, but that seems like far too wishful thinking for what normally happens in Washington DC.

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Trump met at the White House on Tuesday with top Democrats and Republicans, prodding them to come to an agreement on a border wall and a fix for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients as part of comprehensive immigration reform.

Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) President William Gheen had this to say about the possibility of amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.

“Many of us feel very betrayed by these groups we trusted. I hope people all across America call CIS, FAIR, and NumbersUSA and give them an ear full for raising millions of dollars from Americans to fight Amnesty and then turning on their supporters and giving Congress a big thumbs up to pass Amnesty in USA Today!

These groups fail to realize or acknowledge that any promises of immigration enforcement or reduced immigration levels offered to pass DACA Amnesty into law will not be kept and DACA will set in motion a chain of events leading to full Amnesty for most illegal aliens in America.

The results will be Democrats will have full unchallenged control of U.S. elections, laws, and government within a decade and the ‘Deal on DACA’ these groups support will have put that into motion.”

Coulter called out Trump for seemingly wavering on a wall and for expressing a willingness to work with Democrats on DACA, reports Fox News.

Trump said he has faith in lawmakers to come up with a solution that’s “really good.”

“I’m not going to say ‘oh gee I want this or I want that’ I will be signing it,” he said.

Trump also reiterated that the wall must be included in a final bill.

“We need a certain portion of that border to have the wall. If you don’t have it, you can never have security,” he said.

He also said he is not worried about criticism if a DACA fix is included in the bill.

“I will take the heat. I will take all the heat you want to give me and take the heat off the Democrats and the Republicans.”


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January 9th, 2018

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