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Conservatives Find Themselves Being Thrown In the Facebook Gulag For No Reason #Facebook #o4anews

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
November 15th, 2017

Conservatives on Facebook are finding their accounts are being locked down by the Facebook Gestapo for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The social media giant concocts vague excuses at best, but most of the time, simply leaves those they’ve thrown in the Gulag for Truth Speakers with no reason whatsoever, or locks them down for something as simple as a meme that’s been on Facebook for years with no repercussions for others who have posted the same thing.

In other words, Facebook has pulled a play out of the Patriot Act, and incarcerates people with no charges, no trial, and often times, with no reason given.

Three such conservatives are the Founder & a National Administrator of Overpasses For America, James Neighbors & Fred Schneider, who lead a grassroots conservative activist group and an immigration expert, Dennis Michael Lynch.

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You may have seen the Overpassers (as they call themselves) on an overpass in your area, smiling and waving American flags while communicating a message with signs. They began in June of 2013 demanding the removal of Obama from the office of President, and have since continued on supporting various conservative causes and standing against the Marxist Democrat’s agenda.

James Neighbors, the Founder of O4A (Overpasses For America), has been recently incarcerated in the Facebook Gulag for two back-to back terms, both with no reason given. He had recently gotten released on parole from the gulag after serving a 30 day sentence, with no reason given, and after being out for approximately 10 days, he was thrown back in the gulag along with the movement’s national administrator, Fred Schneider.

The reason? A undisclosed offense, on a Facebook page that had literally been DELETED for 3 days by the social media giant, and once again, no reason given. Ask yourself, how can anyone report a post on a page DELETED by Facebook, that would result in throwing someone in the Gulag For Free Speechers?

They have appealed to Facebook to have their sentences overturned, but heard nothing back from their appeals. They both are currently in Facebook’s version of solitary confinement. They can see out of their cell window, but they cannot comment, like, or post anything. Literally placed on “observer status” only.

Neighbors and Schneider both agreed that Facebook has shown a clear pattern of throwing them into the Facebook Gulag just as their movement begins planning a major nationwide event. One has to wonder, what exactly is Zuckerberg terrified of, that he has to hire staff to stalk conservatives?

Meanwhile, immigration expert Dennis Michael Lynch has been locked out of his Facebook account. This was done to him without any warnings or emails from Facebook.

Having reached out to a contact he has at Facebook who DML says is always professional and helpful, DML received a response Tuesday evening explaining why he is locked out of his account.

Here is the explanation:

Hi Dennis –

Your user account has been restricted due to exceeding our spam records. Some of the common things that get flagged to us as spam include:

1. Sending out mass friend requests to users
2. Posting URLs in mass
3. Commenting unrelated URLs in other users posts

Best step forward would be to review our community standards and to appeal the account restriction.

I think you can appeal this here: (link provided).

—- end of email —-

Not buying the answer he received from Facebook, DML responded by vowing to take a stand.

Here is the response he sent:

This is total BS.

1) I have not sent out more than 3 friends requests in the past year. And those requests were so I can get the 3 people access as my page admins.

2) I do not send out “spam.” We are like any other publisher you have, and Facebook knows it. We post links throughout the day to legitimate news stories on our website.

3) I have never “commented with an unrelated URL” in my life. Notwithstanding my responding to a user who may ask for a link to a previous story, etc. And even doing that is limited , if I’ve done it twice in the past year it would be a lot. I don’t have the time to “comment” with my own URLs on my page let alone unrelated URLs on some other page.

This is ridiculous, and it’s an absolutely outrageous answer from whoever sent it. Why wasn’t I issued any warnings? Where’s the email stating my violations?

I’m not appealing anything because this is a lie. I did nothing wrong; my only sin is trying to do honest business with Facebook.

That said, I so appreciate your professionalism and efforts. Unfortunately, we are where we started when I contacted you. I’m without any answers, and honestly, I don’t need any because by answering with this nonsense, FB tells me I am being targeted because I’m a conservative.

I’ll give this over to my lawyer to handle in the morning. I hope by tomorrow it’s resolved. If not I’ll be doing the media route, I guess.

It’s a shame, all we want to do is grow with FB but we are treated so disrespectfully.

Sent from my iPhone
— end of email —

Recently there have been many calls for the regulation, or outright breakup of Facebook for antitrust violations, and with a clear agenda to stifle the voices of conservatives with no reason given, and no actual violations occurring, one has to wonder if it might be time to bring in the long arm of the law to give Mark Zuckerberg a much needed attitude adjustment.

On a more entertaining note, Overpasses’ Founder James Neighbors has challenged Zuckerberg to a PPV MMA match. All proceeds will go to a charity chosen by the victor, and the winner of the bout gets operational control over Facebook. Mr Neighbors has said upon winning, the proceeds would go to a deserving Veterans charity. Mark Zuckerberg was unavailable for comment.

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