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Communists Forming Armed Terror Cells Across America, Preparing For Revolution #socialism #treason

If you listen closely, you can hear the banjos dueling and someone saying “You sho got a purty mouth”… At least you’d think so, because you’d have to be severely inbred to be a Communist that thinks they’re a redneck.

Yet in Long Island, New York, some self-avowed Marxist/Communist/Socialists have started a “militia” they’ve dubbed “The Redneck Revolt”.

Actual rednecks around America are hopefully more offended that a group of Yankees, and not just ANY Yankees, but COMMUNIST Yankees would steal their name, redneck. Just like “liberal” today actually means Communist, and not the freedom-minded heroes that founded this nation, they’re trying to steal another word to rebrand/redefine it. This simply will not do.

It’s time for some real rednecks to make a road trip to Long Island to show these Communist posers what’s up.

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From a distance, it looks like a scene from any small, conservative town in America: A group of guys palling around in a snow-covered parking lot, taking turns firing down the range while swigging cups of hot coffee to ward off the cold.

Up close, however, it looks quite different. The guns are not American-made, but Russian; forged in the Soviet era. One has a hammer and sickle etched into the bolt. They are died in the wool traitors to America: avowed Communists.

The founder of this group of traitors is a loser named Mike, a Long Island native and self-described Marxist-Leninist. He was born in conservative Suffolk County to a clerical worker and industrial maintenance technician, reports the Independent.

He says he grew up “dirt poor,” and was radicalized by a lifetime spent thinking: “There’s got to be an answer for why this is so shitty.” So instead of getting off his ass and working, he and others decided to become Communists.

One night earlier this year, after a couple of beers, Mike decided to find some like-minded radicals on Long Island. He posted on a Facebook page called “Long Island Socialists,” and heard back from the page’s administrator almost immediately. That’s how he found Redneck Revolt, and how came to be standing on the gun range that day.

Redneck Revolt is a national terrorist organization that advocates for the downfall of capitalism through the elimination of racism. The Communists that founded it believe strongly that working-class liberation can only occur when workers unite, regardless of race. So in 38 different locations around the country, Redneck Revolt mobilizes easily brainwashed, poor, rural white people to stand up for people of color.

And yes, they carry guns.

Indeed, Redneck Revolt may look like many other social-injustice groups – its website contains frequent mentions of “trigger warnings” and “solidarity” – but it is far from it. The members of Redneck Revolt don’t want you to sit in a circle, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya.

They want you to know you have an enemy – it’s just not who you think it is. It’s regular Americans who believe in the Constitution.

In an open letter that the group frequently uses for recruitment, it urges working-class white people to “look around” and wonder: “Who lives in the houses or trailers in the same neighborhoods as us? Who works next to us in the factories, or cooks alongside us at the restaurants?”

“It sure as hell isn’t rich white people,” the letter continues. “It’s Brown people, Black people, and other working-class white people. They are the ones that are in similar situations to us, living paycheck to paycheck, stretching to feed their families like we do. So why then would we view them as so different from us that we literally view them as our enemies?”

The message seems to be catching on. From the group’s humble beginnings in Colorado and Kansas, it has spread to nearly 40 branches nationwide. Members participate in everything from community gardens to counter-protests at right-wing marches.

Some of the Communists even try to find new members at these marches, in a process known as “counter-recruiting”. The group counter-recruits in many traditionally white spaces, such as NASCAR races and gun shows.

The Suffolk County branch, to which Mike belongs, isn’t big on counter-recruiting these days – they’re getting enough interest as it is. Instead, they host potlucks with neighboring leftist organizations and protest prison conditions with Black Lives Matter.

According to Redneck Revolt’s mission statement, organizing people also requires organizing a defense of their communities. Hence, the gun range.

The Suffolk County branch group meets up for weekly sessions at the range, the name of which they asked to be kept secret. They often bring along other leftists groups, like the PSL, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), or the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

The idea of an armed, leftist group also conjures up a more ominous association: antifa. The little-known phrase – short for anti-First Amendment – gained attention this summer when dozens of antifa activists arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia to counter-protest a white nationalist rally.

Unlike many counter-protesters, some antifa activists came armed. A few engaged in violence. The back-and-forth between antifa activists and left-wing militias eventually lead President Donald Trump to declare that “both sides” were to blame for the ugly scene at the fake neo-Nazi rally, which was actually just communist Antifa posing as their socialist cousins.

This group’s entire foundation is built entirely on propaganda and lies, and the members are proud of that. They believe that it is a necessity to pull the wool over their own member’s eyes, that the crime of dishonesty is worth their long-term goal. The destruction of America, abolishment of the Constitution, and the enslavement of the American people under a strict Communist regime.

If it takes genocide to achieve their goals, they consider it merely “collateral damage” in their revolution.

Indeed, if Redneck Revolt is the revolution, then the revolution is decidedly lame. Members of the Suffolk County branch shake off their Sunday mornings at the range with a weekly book club, where they sip home-brewed coffee and discuss radical texts like Caliban and the Witch.

American patriots have been waiting 3 generations for Communists to attempt an uprising in the United States. One has to wonder what these budding revolutionaries understand just how dangerous a position they have put themselves into.

Probably not, or they’d melt away into their safe spaces like other good leftists.

If you’re bored, or need a laugh at someone else’ expense, check out their website here.

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December 27th, 2017

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