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College Students Blast Ice Cream For “Not Being Inclusive Enough” #college #education

Student council members at The University of Wisconsin-Madison are demanding the school change the ingredients in the official university ice cream, claiming that the current ingredients are discriminatory toward some minority students.

UW-M’s official ice cream, the Babcock, contains a beef gelatin additive, which according to the legislation, “renders certain communities such as the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and vegetarian unable to enjoy it without violating their beliefs.”

The legislation, titled “Ice Cream for All,” is already has eight sponsors, including the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary of the Associated Students of Madison Student Council. The ASM student council is comparable to a student government senate. The “Ice Cream for All” legislation will be voted on next Wednesday.

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The ASM Student Council can only recommend changes to the university administration. Nothing that the ASM Student Council passes is, in fact, a definitive change.

The legislation states that the Babcock Ice Cream is an important tradition at UW-M, and “it would be a gross act of discrimination to continue to deprive some minority students” from eating the ice cream because of their religious beliefs. Sponsors of the legislation also added that issues like this play a part in the marginalization of students.

“Symbolic issues like these have always and will always play a critical role in whether marginalized students and people feel welcome, included, and connected to their community,” reads the legislation.

However, according to The Badger Herald, Scott Rankin, chair of the food science department, said the university ice cream shop, Babcock Dairy, offers an assortment of ice creams that are gelatin free, adding that it would be hard to replicate the taste of the gelatin-based ice cream.

Yogev Ben-Yitschak, co-sponsor of the resolution as well as ASM Vice Chair, responded to Rankin’s claim, stating that Babcock Ice Cream cannot taste that much different without the gelatin additive.

If passed by the Student Council next Wednesday, it would serve as an acknowledgment by the ASM that the university marginalizes students by “having the official campus ice cream not be inclusive to religious students on campus.”

If passed, the ASM would “condemn” events sponsored by the university which serve Babcock Ice Cream, and will not be hosting any events with the ice cream themselves. The sponsors claim that the possible Babcock Ice Cream strike shows “solidarity with religious students.”

In addition, if the resolution is passed, the ASM recommends that the administration, unions, and dining halls all “acknowledge” that the official ice cream of the university marginalizes religious students on campus.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison spokeswoman told Campus Reform on Thursday that the school already “produces and sells ‘super premium’ ice cream, sherbet and Greek frozen yogurt options that are made with a plant-based stabilizer and are gelatin-free, adding that there is also “lactose-free ice cream for people who are lactose intolerant.”


Meanwhile, Evergreen State College enrollment plummeted after fallout from the controversial “Day of Absence” in May 2017 when all white people were asked to leave the campus.

The publicly funded college – committed to Communist social (in)justice – became the poster child of a campus overrun by hyperactive Cultural Marxism when students shut down the campus and shouted down then-evolutionary biology professor Bret Weinstein for merely questioning the event kicking white people off campus.

Weinstein, who describes himself as “deeply progressive,” ultimately lost his job and was labeled a “racist” and “white supremacist,” by the black supremacist students doing their best to out-racism any Grand Dragon of the KKK in history.

Although just estimates, a representative from Evergreen said they expect around 350 freshman this fall, with a total of 3,000-3,100 total enrollment, both of which “do represent significant decreases as compared to before the 2017 unrest.”

“It’s a catastrophic drop, but I’m hoping we’ll recover,” Evergreen Professor Mike Paros told Fox News.

“Advocacy and activism rather than the pursuit of truth and knowledge is being promoted as a way of recruiting desperately needed new students,” Paros wrote. “Bringing in new faculty or guest speakers with conservative or centrist political perspectives is considered risky and out of the question at the moment. Fear and self-censorship is pervasive among Evergreen faculty, especially under the existing budget crisis.”

Paros is the only remaining Evergreen educator on Heterodox Academy, an advocacy group of professors to counteract narrowing of viewpoints on college campuses, and the practicing veterinarian who teaches biological and environmental sciences is offering a new class this fall to help change that.

The class is called “Liberal Education in the College Bubble: Crossing the Political and Cultural Divide.” He is using the college as a case study to show students how higher education deals with “issues of political diversity, free speech, freedom of thought, and censorship.”

Paros’ course description includes a trigger warning: “Students who require ‘ideological safe spaces’ where particular viewpoints are considered offensive may want to seek a different program.”

He hopes the class, which is full despite low enrollment overall, “will show how Evergreen students are more open to diverse viewpoints than they have been portrayed.”

The professor also pointed out that “an ‘independent’ External Review Panel exonerated the president and administrators while blaming Evergreen’s woes on Bret Weinstein and ‘alt-right’ agitators prompted one journalist to ask, ‘Who Will the Evergreen Mob Target Next?’”



Even though Evergreen is the only four-year college in the state of Washington to see a decrease in applications, the school’s president, George Bridges, instead of pointing to the race-based protests as the problem, said it is “really complex and not attributable to any one factor.”

In May, to prepare for the drop in enrollment, Evergreen cut $6 million out of its budget – a little over 10 percent of the total – and laid off 20 faculty and staff, as well as not filling 19 vacant staff positions, the Seattle Times reported.

Evergreen is the state’s smallest public college, but over the past five years has seen a drop of 1,000 students. In addition to the negative publicity and unsafe environment on campus, some students have said the college was not rigorous enough as their reason for leaving.

As we had previously reported, the Klan With a Tan at Evergreen College is enacting their version of Jim Crow race segregation, believing in their intellect-lacking minds that they themselves are not racist.

After all, only white people can be racist, right? WRONG!

Sadly displays like this are only cementing the notion that minorities are easily the most racist people in America, with demands they don’t deserve and a giant chip on their shoulder just waiting for reality to knock it off.

Don’t think so? Explain why they would say ‘In addition to POC centered events there will be “antiracist” workshops for white folks’.

Evergreen students might as well post this everywhere.

Students at the Cultural Marxist indoctrination center known as Evergreen State College, which made national headlines last year after it hosted an event that asked white people not to come on campus for a “Day of Absence,” have organized a new iteration of the controversial event despite administrators’ efforts to shift gears.

Students at the Olympia, Washington-based public school have organized a three-day “Day of Absence” observance that includes a mix of events on and off campus. Some gatherings are advertised as open to all skin colors and others ask that only POC, or People of Color, attend.

A poster hung at the school obtained by The College Fix declares that the no-whites-allowed self-segregation events will be held off campus. It asks people to RSVP at a website that spells out “No Nazis Allowed” in its URL.

Highly ironic, given that Hitler was the one separating races, and sending some to death camps, and now the snowflakes at Evergreen are enacting policies similar to what Hitler did prior to the death camps opening.

A spokesman for Evergreen State College did not respond to a phone call and email from The College Fix on Tuesday seeking comment.


The theme of this year’s observance is “Deinstitutionalize/Decolonize.”

“The mission of this event is to bring POC together in order to create a reclamation of space and move forward into the future. In reaction to institution’s consistent disregard for our safety, we are operating independently of the college. This is a day for us, by us,” the RSVP page states.

“In addition to POC centered events there will be antiracist workshops for white folks and people who do not identify as POC. Please bring a dish or your own packed lunch and dishes! Potluck-style. No one who’s intentions are to cause harm are allowed.”

The college’s annual “Day of Absence/Day of Presence” program has been observed for years, during which minority students would voluntarily stay off campus for a day and meet for specialized workshops. But for the first time last spring, the “Day of Absence” event reversed the usual pattern by asking whites to stay off campus for a day while racist minorities stayed on.

Last week, The Olympian reported that Evergreen State “will look to cut more than 10 percent from its operating budget for 2018-19 and raise student fees because of declining enrollment.”


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
September 14th, 2018


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