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College Gives Away Vibrators Due To “Gender Orgasm Gap” Among Students #California #Democrats #education

I love the folks at The College Fix. They find out things going on in America’s colleges and universities, that we would otherwise never know of.

At a “Free Vibrator Day” event hosted at San Diego State University, hundreds of the battery-powered sex toys were distributed to students who had lined up for the complimentary devices.

The event was held in the Pride Suite of SDSU’s Aztec Student Union, with a line of students — mostly females — flanking the side of the building and a student organizer calling out “destigmatize masturbation” to passersby.

Jill McDevitt, also known as “Dr. Jill,” is a San Diego-based sexuality educator with a PhD in human sexuality who coordinated the event with the help of an adult novelty retailer called CalExotics, which supplied the approximately 500 vibrators given away to students.

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McDevitt also partnered with a student feminazi club at SDSU called the Womyn’s Outreach Association to put on the giveaway.

A flier advertising the event states its intent is to free women from the stigma of masturbation.

“There is a major orgasm gap between the genders,” McDevitt told The College Fix. “There’s a whole emphasis on penile vaginal intercourse being normal, and not only is that really heteronormative, but it also leaves out how most women experience orgasms, most women experience orgasms with clitoral stimulation, and this vibrator will do that.”

McDevitt said this is an annual event, but it made sense to host it at a university this year, noting she often works with college students.

“I also want to provide people’s first vibrator because a lot of people are going to be getting their first ever vibrator here today, and it becomes a life long relationship with their sexuality and me being a person who can be there for them through that journey, so it just makes sense to work with college students,” she said.

The flier touting the event added: “Dr. Jill, CalExotics and WOA refuse to apologize for the fact that masturbation is normal, healthy and fun. Masturbation stigma is even worse for women, and vibrators are a tool of sexual liberation from that stigma.” In addition to the vibrator giveaway, students were given condoms and opportunities to host sex-ed classes. The two-hour event took place from 10 a.m. to noon. As students waited in line, volunteers asked students history-themed questions about vibrators.

Inside the suite where the vibrators were located, there were tables set up for McDevitt and the Womyn’s Outreach Association, complete with the vibrators, condoms, fliers, and even a raffle where students could have a chance to win a free in-home sex education class of their choice.

There was a large stand up sign listing the types they could choose from by McDevitt (Sex Ed 101, Female Orgasm 101, Sex Positions 101, Foreplay 101, Sex Toys 101, and Fellatio 101).

Outside the suite, a student held up a sign that read, “Free! Vibrator.” She called out “it’s amazing for everyone,” “everyone does it, we know it’s not a secret,” and “might as well make it better.” She was later asked by someone working for the university to stop.


In other leftist madness, a community college hosted a “white privilege symposium” that will explore such topics as “constructive white conversations” and “the n!gga(er) word” as well as a “racial justice” board game.

North Shore Community College’s Power, Privilege, Progress: Awareness to Action event was billed as an “engaging, deep learning experience with an exchanging of ideas on the issues of privilege and power in the history of our country.”

Attendees of the event heard from keynote speakers and participate in workshops such as “The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys” and “Ten Reasons Why America Can’t Talk about Race.” The cost of attendance is $75; students will pay $50 and North Shore Community College students will attend free.

One workshop at the event will be devoted to a play-through of the board game “Road to Racial Justice,” which, according to the game’s website, “supports and encourages cross-cultural understanding and compassionate action in order to help create a more loving and just world.”

The board game was created by Kesa Kivel, “a Los Angeles-based educator, artist and activist engaged in social justice issues.” Some of the game’s discussion prompts include situations such as: “The mascot for your school’s football team is a person dressed up as a warlike Native American” and “Under U.S. law, farmworkers — who are mostly Latino — have no right to overtime pay, and children as young as 12 are allowed to work in the fields.”

One scenario the game provides for the farmworker prompt is: “Find out which stores and restaurants buy fruits and vegetables from unethical farmers, and encourage your friends and family to boycott these places.”

“Players will become more aware that racism exists in many everyday situations (interpersonal and institutional), learn why the situations are racist (stereotyping, tokenism, cultural appropriation, etc.), and acquire tools to interrupt these kinds of situations,” the website says of the board game.

Other workshops scheduled for the symposium include “Unpacking The N!gga(er) Word,” “Constructive White Conversations” and “Completely Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack: The Liabilities of White Privilege How White Privilege Hurts White Peopl [sic].” (CLICK HERE to continue reading with The College Fix)


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
October 26th, 2018


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