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52,000 New York Inmates Getting Computer Tablets On Taxpayer Dime #NewYork #corrections

In the history of bad ideas for prisons, New York came up with one of the worst yet.

Ranking right down near the top of the list of bad ideas with conjugal visit trailers for inmates that created armies of welfare babies, now each inmate incarcerated in a New York State prison will soon have a free tablet.

The tablets will give inmates access to educational content, eBooks and music, officials said. They’ll also help inmates file grievances and allow them to communicate with family and friends through a secure email system. There will be no internet access, (until inmates figure out how to hack the system).

New York’s Department of Corrections and Community Supervision will receive the tablets for inmates as part of a deal with JPay, a company that specializes in corrections-related services, a DOC spokesperson said. The company will provide the tablets as part of a contractual agreement the state DOC entered with the company. No state funds will go toward the tablets.

Corrections insiders point out that in the long history of corrections in the United States, these “deals” are almost always a kickback scheme involving a relative of someone working in the department.

JPay will make money if an inmate chooses to purchase approved additional books or items with the tablet.

DOC Acting Commissioner Anthony Annucci called the tablet plan “groundbreaking.” Officials believe the technology will better prepare individuals to re-enter the community when they leave prison.

There are about 52,000 inmates in NYS DOC facilities as of March of 2016.

Former Corrections Officers remarked that it is simply a matter of time before the so-called secure system is breached, giving inmates full access to the internet and elsewhere, because if inmates are good at one thing, it’s learning how to get around prison regulations and security.


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February 1st, 2018


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