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CNN Suffers Ultimate Takedown At the Hands of Disgusted Viewer #CNN #Trump #Obama

CNN Suffers Ultimate Takedown At the Hands of Disgusted Viewer

Can we talk truth?

The Lamestream media is one of the most despicable entities in our great nation today.

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Their job is to report the news and for many of them, they are failing miserably. Their unmitigated bias is always showing on a 24/7 basis.

The Fake News Leader, CNN, again puts out half truths and flat out lies and when they get caught, they just lie some more.

Their latest debacle is more proof of their bias and utter contempt for President Donald J. Trump.

This time, they release that President Trump got Wikileaks information 10 days before they were released.

But as usual, the truth comes out and CNN is again looking like the total liars they are.

Barack Obama was President for 8 years and on the “giddy up my leg meter” for the entire time , including the pre-election. In 2012, just before the election, CNN ran 2 different stories. “Revealing Romney” and “Revealing Obama”.

Both were 90 minute expose’s on the candidates.

“Revealing Romney” aired first on a back to back airing.We got to see ole Mittens as a baby, toddler, elementary, middle and high school, all the way up to his time at college. From there, his entry into the world of high finance, marriage, becoming a father and getting into the political game.

We knew everything there was to know about Mitt.

Then “Revealing Obama” came on.

Amazingly, Barack’s life started with his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was the darling of the party and destined for greatness.

Of course, CNN forgot a few rather important details of Obama’s life pre-2004.

Let’s fill in some of those blanks shall we?

Supposedly, Barry was born in Hawaii in 1961, though the birth certificate he produced was a blatant phony.

At the age of 2 his Father BHO Sr. went back to Kenya and left Barry and his Mother, to fend for themselves. Dad was a devout communist Muslim and already had a wife back in Kenya.

CNN forgot to tell us this though.

In 1964 , Mom met Lolo Seotoro, an Indonesian foreign exchange student. They fell in love ( I guess ) and Lolo took Barry under his wing, his communist Muslim wing that is.

When the Islamic revolution happened in Indonesia, all students studying abroad were called home. The trio headed to Jakarta. Barry lived there from the age of 4 to 12. Very formidable and influential years in a young mans development. Of course, CNN forgot to mention this also.

So here we are with Barry, being a devout Muslim in his youth. When Mom found out that Lolo just wasn’t communist enough for her, she decided to head back to Hawaii and leech off her parents for a while. She dropped Barry off with Gram and Gramps and headed off to Seattle.

Gram and Gramps enrolled Barry into the “Little Red School” in Hawaii. A socialist communist school. It’s during this time Barry met and was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a Chicago communist and activist. They remained friends for the remainder of Frank’s life. All these facts, CNN appears to have missed in their “Revealing Obama” special.

Isn’t that strange?

Then there were the colleges Obama attended? Well no one really knows for sure since his college records are sealed. There’s rumors he went to Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, but no proof. See, all little important facts that CNN mysteriously, left out of “Revealing Obama”.

Let’s fast forward to today. Donald J. Trump is president and Obama is just a horrible nightmare that we hope will just go away like a bad case of crabs. In the entire 8 years of

Obama’s presidency I can not think of one time that he was called out by CNN, or any other

Lamestream media outlet for anything underhanded and illegal he did. And folks, Obama broke the law almost on a daily basis.

But still CNN? They were still “giddy up their leg”.

Now Trump can’t pass gas without CNN throwing a cow. Anything he says or does, CNN is all over it like butter on toast. Trump tweets and CNN freaks out. Trump calls them “Fake News” and they take offense. Trump does things to turn around the utter disgusting “legacy” of Obama and CNN is there to point it out.

The amount of time CNN spent negatively reporting on Obama 0%.

The amount of time CNN spends on negative reporting on Trump? 96%.

CNN IS the Fake News Leader.

Nick at night beats them in the ratings. Think about that.

The once trusted and honest CNN has reduced themselves to being beat in the rating by a kids program.

The bottom line is this folks.

If you think CNN is going to be honest about anything, I have a bridge in New York City for sale for real cheap.

All CNN and the other Lamestream media outlets are doing is making sure Trump gets re-elected in 2020.

Last Crusader, Overpasses News Desk
December 11th, 2017

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