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With Climate Change Hoax Exposed, Scientists Backtracking on Predictions of Doom #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #science

Slowly facing up to the fact their hoax has been exposed, “experts” are now saying climate change is likely to be markedly less severe than forecast.

Imagine that. After being debunked countless times for faking and cherry picking data to fit the agenda, climate change cultists have begun backtracking on former predictions of doom for humanity.

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As new study predicted exposed the fraud of the Paris Climate Agreement, sshowing that the impact could be up to 45 per cent less intense than is widely accepted.

But the study emerged as other scientists, desperate to hang onto funding, said winter waves pounding the Scottish and Irish coasts have grown grow by up to 5ft 6in (1.7metres) over the past 70 years.

Rising sea levels and more intense storms are in line with the catch-all debunked global warming forecasts.

The study questioning the future intensity of climate change was carried out by American climatologist Judith Curry and UK mathematician Nick Lewis.

It is based on analysing the warming effect of so-called greenhouse gases and other drivers of climate change, from the mid 19th century until 2016.

It forecast that future warming will be between 30 per cent and 45 per cent lower than suggested by simulations carried out by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel one Climate Change.

The study in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate predicts temperature rises of 1.66C compared to one IPCC forecast of 3.1C and 1.33C compared to another IPCC study predicting 1.9C.

The fraudulent 2015 Paris climate agreement sought to siphon money from the United States in a massive Communist wealth redistribution plan, which collaborating nations claim will limit climate change to 2C above pre-industrial levels and no more than 1.5C if possible. The plan has long since been proven to have no effect whatsoever, and could actually increase the problem.

Mr Lewis, said: “Our results imply that, for any future emissions scenario, future warming is likely to be substantially lower than the central computer model-simulated level projected by the IPCC, and highly unlikely to exceed that level.”

Governments around the world base their preparation for tackling climate change on the debunked IPCC models.

Actions include subsidising green energy which has led to higher electricity bills, due to the entire plan being built upon propaganda and lies.


However, a separate study by Plymouth University and French colleagues says that average winter wave heights along the Atlantic coast of Western Europe have been rising for almost seven decades.

The coastlines of Scotland and Ireland have seen the largest increases, with the average height of winter waves more than 2ft 4in (0.7metres) higher than in 1948.

And wave heights in winter storms are about 5ft 6in (1.7m) higher than 780 years ago, says the study which is to be published in the American Geophysical Union’s journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Debunking the claims of rising oceans, Dr Bruno Castelle of France’s National Centre for Scientific Research said:

“The height of waves during winter storms is the primary factor affecting dune and cliff erosion, explaining up to 80 per cent of the shoreline variability along exposed sandy coasts.”


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April 25th, 2018


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