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WATCH ~ In a Rare & Unexpected Change, Chuck Schumer Heaps Praise On President Trump *VIDEO*

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stunned his congressional colleagues Thursday, praising President Trump for nearly seven minutes over his decision to impose harsh tariffs on China; adding he was “disappointed” his predecessors stood by and did nothing for years.

“I don’t agree with President Trump on a whole lot. But today I want to give him a big pat on the back. He’s doing the right thing when it comes to China,” said Schumer.

“We have watched China rapaciously take advantage of America, of American jobs, of American workers, and of American intellectual property. China is ruthless in how they go after us. They do it quietly, they do it with a smile,” he added.

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“President Trump is exactly right to propose a plan designed to punish China for its most flagrant trade abuses,” said the Senate’s top Democrat. “I’m very pleased that this administration is taking strong action to get a better deal on China.”

Watch Schumer praise the President below.

All of this coming from Chuckie Schumer? The same Democrat that shut down the government to show that he loved illegal aliens more than American citizens? The same Democrat that has cheered on Mueller’s pointless witch hunt at every turn? The same Democrat that is owned by George Soros? The same Democrat that was slammed by a Dreamer as they praised Trump? Even the same Democrat that bears partial responsibility for the recent Muslim terror attack in New York City?

Yes, that same Democrat, Chuckie Schumer really did praise Trump. You have not been hallucinating.

However, even with this temporary singing of Kumbayah, don’t expect this momentary nirvana to last.



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March 22nd, 2018


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