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China Warns of Catastrophic Mountain Implosion At N. Korea Nuclear Test Site *VIDEO* #o4a #China #NorthKorea

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October 28th, 2017

China has warned North Korea to not detonate any more hydrogen bombs at its nuclear test site or risk a massive international catastrophe.

Scientists from Beijing fear the Punggye-ri nuclear facility is extremely unstable and any more tests could blow the top off of Mount Mantap, beneath which all six of North Korea’s nuclear tests thave been conducted.

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If that were to happen, the mountain would collapse, causing radioactive waste to escape into the atmosphere, where it would likely blow directly into China, only 50 miles away.

North Korean delegates were warned by researchers from China during a briefing after Pyongyang’s last nuclear test on September 3rd, according to the South China Morning Post.

Interestingly, the meeting happened just two days prior to North Korea threatening to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

Zhai Mingguo, a senior Chinese geologist who organized the briefing, told the newspaper: “This is a big, sophisticated problem requiring multiple, systematic approaches.

“Our meeting is only a part of the efforts.”

Sources described the briefing as “friendly” but would not reveal further details of the dicussions.

Relations between North Korea and China, the rogue state’s only ally, have become strained amidst Kim Jong-un’s obsessive pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Beijing has come under increasing pressure from the US to use its influence to try and de-escelate the fued between Washington and Pyongyang.

China has said it will strictly enforce UN Security Council sanctions banning imports of North Korean coal, textiles and seafood, while cutting off oil shipments to the North.

Kim Han-kwon, a professor at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy in Seoul said: “North Korea has been walking a diplomatic tightrope by taking advantage of strategic mistrust between China and Russia, but it has not been easy as Beijing has sternly responded to its nuclear and missile provocations.”

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