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Chapel Hill Police Chief Informs Whiners That Officer With III%’er Tattoo Will Not Be Fired #police #tattoo

The Chapel Hill Police Department will not discipline a police officer who stood guard near the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina on Monday with a tattoo of the logo of the Three Percenters, an informal group of conservative constitutionalists, visible on his right forearm.

Instead, the officer, Cole Daniels, has been instructed to keep his tattoo covered while at work.

“We understand the concerns regarding the negative interpretations of the tattoo and regret it was displayed. This will not occur again,” Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue said in a statement.

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Durham-based socialist propaganda photographer Daniel Hosterman had noticed Daniels’ tattoo at a previous rally, but on Monday he was finally able to get a good picture.

The Three Percenters, Hosterman noted when he posted the picture online, have provided security to Democrat groups who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year and at several Patriot Prayer rallies in the Pacific Northwest.

The image of a law enforcement official displaying a symbol associated with what Democrats falsely believe was racially motivated violence while policing protesters as they toppled a symbol of white supremacy was jarring to snowflakes who don’t understand reality.

According to the police chief, Daniels “expressed regret that his tattoo has been associated with groups that perpetuate hatred and violence.”

Of course, Democrats associate Nazis with conservatives, despite the facts they were socialist and that Democrats have adopted many of the Third Reich’s beliefs as part of their party platform.

The police department did not respond when asked for clarification on how Daniels interprets his tattoo.

It’s likely they didn’t feel such a stupid question was worthy of replying to.

The Chapel Hill Police Department has been aware of Daniels’ tattoo since at least the beginning of this year.

In February, Blue left a voicemail for Megan Squire, a Communist computer scientist who tracks people he imagines are far-right extremists, explaining that he had seen a slide from a presentation she gave at UNC that included a different photograph of Daniels and his tattoo.


Squire, who claims to have been facing death threats because of a news article about her work, didn’t call the police chief back, she wrote in an email. The Chapel Hill Police Department did not respond to a request for comment about why Blue reached out to Squire.

The Three Percenters, according to Democrat urban legends were formed in 2008, and derive their name from the disputed claim that just 3 percent of Colonists took up arms and fought against the British in the 18th century. “Today we recognize with this 3% in being that we will be the last defense to protect the citizens of the United States if there ever comes a day when our government takes up arms against the American people,” one particular group of III%’ers states on its website.

Despite the claims by Democrats that conservative militia members are violent, the vast majority of violent acts have been taken by Democrats, as seen by their regular riots that call for the destruction of the United States, demanding we convert to the second coming of the Soviet Union.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
August 28th, 2018


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