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Catholic Church Releases English Translation of Exorcism Handbook, But There’s A Catch #Catholic #news

If you believe in God, then you have to equally believe that Satan exists, and as said in the Bible, is hard at work in this world. With that being the case, then demonic possessions, however rare, are real. As much as we don’t want to believe it, the dark, demonic side of the war is as real as God, Heaven, and all the angels above.

For 2 thousand years, the Catholic Church has been the primary source of exorcists in the world, and after a long period of virtually denying demonic possession, the church finds itself besieged by requests for exorcisms, and they are answering the call. Now, a move by the Vatican makes it easier for spiritually strong priests to perform an exorcism when needed.

In news that will come as a sign of relief to families of those possessed by demons the world over, the Catholic Church has announced the release of the first English translation of the exorcism ritual needed to cast out evil spirits.

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There is a catch, however, as distribution of ‘Exorcisms and Related Supplications’ is restricted to bishops, though others, including exorcists, scholars, and seminarians, can get ahold of a copy if a bishop agrees.

“Given that there’s less facility in Latin than there used to be, even among priests, it opens the door to more priests to do this. Until now, not only did the priest have to be wise and holy, but he also had to have strong facility in Latin, “It makes it easier for a priest who might otherwise be a good exorcist but who would be intimidated by a requirement to use a Latin text. Having it available in the vernacular means he can concentrate on prayer and on the ritual, without needing to worry about working in another language,” he explained.”

said Fr Andrew Menke, executive director at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), according to the Catholic Herald.

The USCCB approved the translation in 2014, but the Vatican only gave the go-ahead this spring.

Further to helping anglophone clergymen, hearing prayers in English, rather than Latin, can, according to Menke, also benefit the person seeking to rid themselves of Satan’s little helpers.

“The first and foremost reason for an exorcism is to rid the person of the demon. And whether the person understands what’s being said or not is irrelevant on one level. They just want to be free of this oppression,” he said.

“At the same time, exorcists have told me that for some people it can be a big help to hear words that they understand, words that are consoling, words that remind them of the power of Christ over the demons,” he added. “There’s a certain confidence that comes from hearing these words.”

While most of the book is exclusively for use by trained exorcists, it also contains some prayers that everyone can use. The collection ‘Supplications Which May Be Used by the Faithful Privately in Their Struggle Against the Powers of Darkness’ has been printed in a separate booklet and, perhaps unsurprisingly, is for sale by the publishing arm of the USCCB.

It seems odd that the vast majority of humanity chooses to embrace the premise that if you believe in God, you’re entirely protected from Satan. Quite to the contrary, it paints a target on you for temptation. Those that do not have faith need little temptation, as they have no guide for them in life, as Christians have in the Bible.

But those with faith make Satan furious, and thus targets for his minions. If you would like a shocking, but insightful view into the machinations of temptation, please read C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”. You can read it here in PDF, or buy a copy in a multitude of places online.


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January 4th, 2017

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