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California’s Governor Moonbeam Thinks You Should Be Brainwashed *VIDEO* #o4a #California

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November 6th, 2017

Moonbeam wants to brainwash the world into believing in the Cult of Climate Change. This should come as no surprise, since Democrats have long been fans of propaganda, misinformation, and indeed, even brainwashing… Former US Attorney General Eric Holder felt it necessary to brainwash people about guns.

Now it appears to be Moonbeam’s turn to promote brainwashing people with lies.

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Gov. Jerry Brown recruited the world’s religious leaders into the Cult of Climate Change as he tried to minimized the negative effects of President Donald Trump on meeting the climate-change hoax challenge.

“The Trump factor is very small, very small indeed,” in comparison to the commitments taking place around the world, Brown said to applause by attendees at an event organized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. “That’s nothing to cheer about, because if it was only Trump that was a problem, we’d have it solved. But that’s not our only problem.

“The problem … is us. It’s our whole way of life. It’s our comfort … It’s the greed. It’s the indulgence. It’s the pattern. And it’s the inertia.”

Moonbeam flew in for nearly two weeks of climate talks across Europe, said the path to transformational change must include the mass mobilization of the religious and theological sphere, but also the prophetic sphere reports the Sacramento Bee.

“The power here is prophecy. The power here is faith, and that’s what this organization is supposed to be about. So, let’s be about it and combine with the technical and the scientific and the political.”

To slow the devastation of climate change, society cannot rely only on science and technology and must begin to accept the need for more transformational approaches, Brown said.

Brown acknowledged that achieving transformation will not be easy, citing his recent visit to the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia, where world leaders gathered for discussions about trade with scant mention of climate effects.

“At the highest circles, people still don’t get it,” he said. “It’s not just a light rinse” that’s required. “We need a total, I might say ‘brain washing.’

“We need to wash our brains out and see a very different kind of world.”

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