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Hypocrite Californian’s Protest Against Americans Made Homeless By Illegal Aliens #California #Trump #DeportThemAll

The battle is intensifying over where to relocate hundreds of homeless people in Orange County.

A federal judge recently ordered the county to come up with a plan and it did. But now residents are rising up.

Hundreds of Irvine residents showed up at a protest Sunday to voice their opposition to placing Orange County’s homeless population in the city, the Orange County Register reports.

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Conservatives noted it was ironic and hypocritical that the residents of California would stand up against fellow American citizens made homeless by an illegal alien invasion caused by the government the protesters voted into power.

(Photo by Kevin Sullivan/Orange County Register/SCNG)

Instead of actually dealing with the root of the problem, and deporting illegal aliens, the county decided to go with the Socialist band-aid patch on the problem they created, and are considering putting the homeless across from Great Park as it works to handle a persistent homeless problem, which would not exist without the illegal aliens taking jobs and housing.

The Great Park area is one of three sites proposed as a temporary shelter in Orange County. It’s just over 100 acres of county-owned land.

Thousands of homeless were evicted from the shores of the Santa Ana riverbed last month. The county wants to move hundreds more out of an encampment outside the Santa Ana Civic Center.

But what started out this week as an idea to create three temporary shelters in Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel and Irvine, turned into a counter proposal to put all 400 homeless people in a mass tent city on the land across the street from Great Park.

Like all things Democrat, it’s a bad idea doomed for failure. One can only hope that the citizens of California one day wake up and realize they are the problem, and it’s time to put America and Americans first.



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March 26th, 2018


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