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America-Hating Californian’s Acquit Kate Steinle’s Murderer, PROVE Necessity For Border Wall #BuildKatesWall #Trump #MAGA

America-Hating Californian’s Acquit Kate Steinle’s Murderer, PROVE Necessity For Border Wall

The illegal alien scum accused of murdering Kate Steinle has been found not guilty in the killing of a woman on a San Francisco pier that touched off a fierce national immigration debate two years ago, rejecting possible charges ranging from involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder.

The verdict came on the jury’s sixth day of deliberation. Ms Steinle was slain in 2015 by a ricocheting bullet as she strolled along the San Francisco waterfront with her father. Prosecutors argued that defendant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate intentionally killed her, while his defense said it was an accident, reports the UK Independent.

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“The physical evidence has always supported the finding that this was an accidental occurrence, and I think the jury came to that conclusion,” Mr Zarate’s attorney Matt Gonzalez said after the ruling.

Jurors did find him guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm, meaning he knowingly had a firearm but there was no intent for him to hurt or shoot anyone. That one count carries a potential sentence of 16 months to three years behind bars.

Mr Zarate said he magically found the gun on on the pier. The firearm had disappeared from a U.S. Bureau of Land Management ranger’s car before the shooting, but prosecutors did not present evidence establishing that Mr Zarate stole it. Jurors found him guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm, the only charge for which he was convicted.

While the jury was tasked with settling a murder charge, the case became a national lightning rod for a larger debate about immigration policy. Donald Trump has regularly invoked Ms Steinle’s death as a justification for more stringent immigration enforcement.

Mr Zarate is a native of Mexico who had been deported five times and served time in federal prison for illegally re-entering the United States. Before Ms Steinle’s death, Mr Zarate was released from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department after charges related to selling marijuana were dropped.

Defense attorney Francisco Ugarte added: “From Day 1 this case was used as a means to foment hate, to foment division and to foment a program of mass deportation. It was used to catapult a presidency along that philosophy of hate of others. I believe today is a day of vindication for the rest of immigrants.”

As for the defendant, it was hard to tell how he felt, according to Lina Pritchard, Garcia Zarate’s court translator. “His reaction was very blank. He seemed to have a little resemblance to happiness…relief. He was very difficult to read,” she said. “I was surprised. I didn’t think it would totally, that he would be totally free of murder. Second degree or involuntary, I thought something was going to be coming his way.”

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December 1st, 2017

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