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Only In California… Street Artists Send a Message On Highway Signs #California #Trump #immigration

Only in California… Why only in California? Because only California has such a problem being occupied by hostile foreign nationals, that street artists feel the necessity to bring in the new year by editing the “Welcome to California” highway signs to reflect the harsh reality of the state many have come to know as Mexicommifornia.

One of the signs modified by street artists was north of Lake Havasu, Arizona, Primm, Nevada and then another on Highway 95 in California.

“OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE, Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!”

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The highway signs seem to be a tongue-in-cheek warning to visitors about California’s new Sanctuary State status.

It seems the street artists went on a road trip:

You’d think Moonbeam and the other treason-committing Democrats ruling Mexicommifornia would get the hint when street artists feel the necessity to do this. Add onto that, Americans moving out in ever increasing numbers, and the looming fact that they can only tax the people remaining only so far before they too, will move.

But it’s unlikely they ever will. Sadly the best scenario would be for California to illegally secede from the United States, so the U.S. military could arrest the entire California Assembly and Governor Brown, then set up an interim government before holding elections for a new government.

Dead accurate. Any place giving refuge to illegal aliens is an open invitation for the worst of the worst to come from around the world to live free of fear of being deported. Vigilantes from foreign countries will cross the border and seek refuge in these places. Illegal immigrant Women will fly over or cross the border pregnant to give birth and get benefits for herself and her new citizen baby. Not to mention free healthcare, child birth, wic, and you're even allowed to get your drivers license, how's that? Sounds like paradise for any non citizen. As California plunges to the highest poverty state with 1.5 trillion in debt. Crumbling dams, roads, and bridges. Graffiti everywhere you can't go for a hike without seeing it in our national forests, on rocks on boulders, creeks, trees on walls, bridges, schools trains, bathrooms. And Who needs vetting and medical screeening? As third world diseases flood into our state. Let's just inject every innocent kid with "vaccines" to keep diseases from third world countries from spreading! Say hello to your new neighbors California! Don't mind the gun shots and sirens. That's normal. You live in a high tax, high crime, police state now. Slave labor has returned to America in a different form! You pay the tab! Future permanent democrat voters! They are more important to your "leaders" than you! Don't believe me read the facts—-V #2ndamendment #backtheblue #fakenews #democrat #military #patriot #alllivesmatter #president #libtards #liberallogic #draintheswamp #supportourtroops #gun #constitution #capitalism #mikepence #teaparty #mattis #trumppence #guns #donaldtrump #freedom #liberty #veteran #prolife #goptaxscam #iran #taxplan #hillaryclinton #freeiran

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January 2nd, 2017

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