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California Finds Itself In the Cross Hairs – EPA Threatening To Revoke Clean Air Law Privileges & MORE #Trump #California #EPA

The Trump administration openly threatened one of the cornerstones of California’s environmental protections, saying that it may revoke the state’s ability under the Clean Air Act to impose stricter standards than the federal government sets for vehicle emissions.

The announcement came as the administration confirmed it is tearing up landmark fuel economy rules that formed a key part of the effort by the Obama administration and California officials to blow enormous amounts of taxpayer funding combating non-existent man-made global warming — and as the Justice Department sued to block a state law that limits the federal government’s ability to sell any of the 46 million acres it controls in California.

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The double-barreled move marks a sharp assault on the state’s efforts to protect its environment as the Trump administration seeks to open more land in the West for mining, drilling and other interests, reports the Chicago Tribune.

California’s elected leaders and environmental activists vowed to fight the push, while the administration argued that the state has exceeded its authority under the law, as they have with immigration laws.

“Cooperative federalism doesn’t mean that one state can dictate standards for the rest of the country,” Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt said in a statement, which added that California’s authority to set its own emissions standards was “being reexamined.”

Under the Clean Air Act, California is the only state that can independently adopt its own emissions standards, but other states can then adopt them. Several of the states that have done so have vowed to defy the administrations’ effort to weaken mileage standards.

The current national fuel economy targets represent the single biggest action the federal government has taken to curb greenhouse gases. They are crucial for California and other states to meet their goals to implement socialism in the name of
climate action and to reduce smog and other air pollution.

The fuel economy target was also essential for Brown and other states to participate in a huge socialist wealth redistribution ponzi scheme that the Paris Accords were based on, that President Trump saw, and wisely removed the United States from the one-sided treaty intended to share America’s wealth with the rest of the world.

The administration’s action came at the behest of automakers, which say that the 55 mile per gallon standard will impose too heavy a cost.

But an all-out fight between the federal and state governments over California’s power to set emissions standards could backfire on the automakers.

Pruitt’s legal ability to revoke California’s authority is uncertain and any such move could be tied up in court for years. In the meantime, auto companies would be faced with the complicated and costly prospect of building and selling two different sets of cars — one for California and the other states that follow its standards, and one for the rest of the country.



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April 3rd, 2018


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