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California Democrat Jobs Bill Would Transform America Into Soviet Communist Nation #California #Democrat #Communist

Communist Democrats’ embrace of some kind of federal jobs guarantee program—harkening back to a bastardized version of a policy prescription issued in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union address—got a bizarre kick-start in the form of a new House bill.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), a freshman member who recently also joined the Marxist “Medicare for All” caucus, will introduce the Job Opportunities for All Act with nine additional co-sponsors, including Reps. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Yvette Clarke (D-NY).

“In the richest country on earth, no one should be denied the opportunity to earn a living. 75 years after President Roosevelt recognized this fundamental right, it is time to act,” Khanna said in a statement. “This pragmatic and comprehensive legislation will accomplish his vision. The bill provides the tools to get our people back to work, whether one is laid off due to a factory closing, is a victim of racial discrimination, or has faced a long battle with homelessness.”

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The bill, according to Khanna’s office, would appropriate funds from the Department of Labor to magically create government jobs for unemployed Americans.

It would impose placement lengths for the program, opportunities in the private sector, and varied income levels, making it more of a compromise in certain respects than the similar bills being proposed in the Senate.

Openly Communist Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) legislation would create a pilot program for a federal jobs guarantee initiative in 15 communities throughout the country with particularly high unemployment. The program would last three years in those communities. Meanwhile, Democrat-Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) bill would be much more expansive, and completely transform the United States into a modern version of the Soviet Union.

Khanna’s House bill would create government jobs for the unemployed that would last for an 18-month period with a possible 12-month extension—with a requirement that they remain in the job for at least three months.


To be eligible, according to the bill, workers must be at least 18 years old and be out of work for more than 90 days, or have earning below poverty level for the previous six months.

The Department of Labor would manage grants that are provided with preference given to “applicants in areas facing acute challenges, including but not limited to persistent racial unemployment gap, drug addiction epidemics, or high mortality rates.”

In other news of delusional Marxists infesting America, the Bronx Bolshevik, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seemed to compare Democrats winning elections to the abolition of slavery during a Kansas campaign speech Friday.

Ocasio-Cortez told the Wichita crowd of over 4,000 treasonous Communists,

“I learned that Kansas was founded over the struggle of the conscience of this nation, it was when we were deciding who we wanted to be as a country. It was when we were deciding who we wanted to be with the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The people who were … leading this nation said, ‘You decide’ to the people.”

“‘Are we going to be a slave state or are we going to be a free state?’ And it was in 1861 that the people of Kansas decided that we were going to be a free nation,” she continued. “Back then, the people of Kansas were the tipping point for the future of this nation. Today, they are again.”

Ocasio-Cortez, who has been campaigning with fellow treasonous Communist Sen. Bernie Sanders to help elect Democrat-Communists in Kansas, made the remarks during a speech on behalf of Democrat-Communist James Thompson, who is running against GOP Rep. Ron Estes. Estes defeated Thompson in a 2017 special election.

The New York Communist then went into a laundry list of government giveaways, including “Medicare for all,” free college tuition, and a “living wage,” before finishing with another reference to slavery.

“But what this moment requires of us, just as it was in 1861, what this moment requires of us is for everyday people to do more than they have ever done before to reclaim the soul of this nation,” she said.


James E Windsor, Overpasses News Desk
July 24th, 2018


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