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WATCH – Bumblin’ Stumblin’ Nancy Pelosi Comes Unglued Over Memo Release *VIDEO* #Trump #ReleaseTheMemo

It’s almost sad to see California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s dive into dementia — or at least it would be if she wasn’t a Democrat.

Every time the nation sees this lunatic on TV it becomes clear that she has some sort of extremely severe mental problem.

She did nothing to disprove that notion with her bumblin’ stumblin’ diatrabe over the release of the Republican FISA memo this week.


Like all Democrat-Communists, Pelosi is, of course, losing her tiny, partisan mind over the release of the GOP memo on the FBI abuse of wiretapping of the Trump campaign and she desperately tried to relay that feeling in a recent appearance on CNN.

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So, instead of delivering a coherent, intelligent argument as to why releasing the memo is ill-advised, Pelosi once again looked like a brain addled, llunatic who should be drawing with crayons in a padded cell, instead of a sentient, measured official.

Pelosi got so flustered that she even began calling her fellow Communist Chris Cuomo names because he wouldn’t say exactly what she wanted him to say.

During the interview, Pelosi gawked at Cuomo and then blurted out, “Let me just say this with all due respect, you really don’t know what you’re talking about right now.” (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

She continued:

“I think [House Speaker Paul Ryan] has a major responsibility and what I call a cover up of what they are doing, it’s really very sad,” Pelosi said in the CNN interview. “But again, it’s a cover up, it’s a distraction. What really we are trying to do right now is keep government open. They have a problem with that because they are ineffective.”

And as she politicized the GOP effort to get to the bottom of the matter, she said, “This is not to be politicized. … It’s not about making up a false memo.”

Pelosi went on to prove that she doesn’t even know the name of the GOP leader who has been pushing to have the memo released for the last week.

When asked if she thinks it will “put lives at stake if the memo comes out,” Pelosi responded, “We’re not saying that intelligence that is necessary for other countries to share with us, why would they put it at the mercy of Dennis Nunes, who doesn’t even memo and say to the American people should see it,” she said incoherently, calling Devin Nunes by the wrong first name.

“The American people — they have their own jobs to do. They’re not there saying, ‘Now I’m going to redact the memo because I know what is true and what is false,” Pelosi said.


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January 31st, 2018


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