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WATCH – “Build That Wall, Illegals Are Coming Here to Do Nefarious Things” – Chaffetz *VIDEO* #Trump #BuildThatWall #immigration

“Build That Wall, Illegals Are Coming Here to Do Nefarious Things” – Chaffetz

It’s about time that someone from said what needs to be said. It’s a shame Chaffetz didn’t say it sooner.

Then-candidate President Trump stated the obvious, that Mexico was not sending their best people here. Talk about obvious.

OBVIOUSLY nations sending illegals, (and they are sending them) are not going to send their best and brightest, when they can send their worst to take them off their hands.

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Nations around the world are using America are their pressure relief valve. By sending illegals here, the banana republics south of the Rio Grande river can put off dealing with their own mire of corruption.

The truly humane thing to do would be to prevent any illegal aliens from remaining in the United States. Send them home so the pressure for change will reach critical mass, and reforms in those nations can finally begin.


Jason Chaffetz can see the problems illegal aliens bring into America and warns to not be fooled into thinking everyone who breaks into the U.S. has good intentions, former congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Tuesday, reacting to the recent violence against border patrol agents.

After a border agent was killed and others attacked by illegal aliens, Chaffetz appeared on Fox News to warn Americans that illegal aliens break into the U.S. to sell drugs and do “other nefarious things”:

“Don’t let anybody fool to you think that oh, everybody that’s coming across the border just wants to make their life better. No, come on. These people are — they are running drugs, they’re doing other nefarious things. These are some really bad actors out there.

“And I want somebody to go down on that border and actually film, actually look at what that border looks like. Because my guess is, I’m just guessing right in this area, it’s probably like barbed wire, maybe not even a fence at all.”
“So I’m totally on board with the President: build that wall,” Chaffetz said.

Video courtesy of CNS News.

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November 22nd, 2017

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