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Border Patrol Agents Under Siege By Massive Surge of Illegal Aliens #BuildTheWall #Trump #immigration

A massive surge illegal aliens too terrified to enact change for the better in their home countries have have been swarming San Ysidro at the border in recent weeks, so fast that federal officials have not been able to process all of them, leaving some stranded and running out of money while they wait in Tijuana.

Those opposed to the invasion of the United States by illegal aliens are perfectly fine with much of the problem remaining in Tijuana, Mexico, where it should be.

U.S. border officials are trying to work through the backlog, but they can go only as fast as they can capture the invaders, then get them processed and moved from temporary holding cells to immigration detention, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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An official with U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the agency remains committed to meeting the care and safety needs of people in custody, and is working actively with partners, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to resolve the backup.

“There are potentially a number of reasons causing the San Diego area ports of entry to reach capacity; we do not have a definitive reason to offer at this time,” the official added.

Because of the backlog, close to 100 illegal aliens lined up last week in the plaza outside the walkway that leads to PedWest, the pedestrian border crossing that opened earlier this year, Tijuana media outlets reported.

Illegal aliens, much to the amusement of onlookers, were forced to sleep in line, afraid of losing their places and having to wait longer for CBP to process them.

Mexican officials even got fed up with the would-be border invaders and told them they couldn’t stay in the plaza.

When someone arrives at a port without documents for entry, CBP officials interview that person, take photographs and fingerprints and check law enforcement databases for records.

If the person reports being afraid to go back to his or her home country, CBP is required by law to transfer that border invader to other federal agencies for a potential asylum case, the vast majority of which are denied when it is determined the illegal alien invader was lying.

Most of the asylum process happens once the person has been transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody, and back-ups in that transfer system can leave CBP with limited space in its temporary holding cells at the border.

Large surges of illegal alien invaders at once can also clog the system, report immigration officials.


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December 27th, 2017

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