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If Trump Is So Racist, Why Is Black American Employment At RECORD HIGHS? *VIDEO* #Trump #BlackLivesMatter

Black unemployment rate falls to record low! Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 6.8 percent unemployment rate for black workers in December, lowest in the 45 years the data has been tracked.

Unemployment among black workers is at its lowest since at least the early 1970s, when the government began tracking the data. But yet somehow, according to Democrats, President Trump is racist.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten about the many times Donald Trump has been praised for helping minority communities?

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The black unemployment rate of 6.8 percent in December was the lowest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking it in 1972, a year in which the rate ranged from 11.2 percent and 9.4 percent. In the 45 years the data has been tracked, the unemployment rate for black or African American workers aged 16 years and older has never fallen below 7 percent, reports CNBC.

Unemployment rate – Black or African American – since 1972.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Through last year, the black unemployment rate rose to 8 percent in March and fell back to 7 percent in September before falling again in December. The unemployment rate for white workers was 3.7 percent in December.

Overall, non-farm payrolls rose 148,000 in December, falling short of the 190,000 expected, according to data released Friday.

The national unemployment rate was 4.1 percent. There was an unexpected loss of 20,000 retail jobs during the holiday season.

So the only question remains is this. When will black Americans flee the Democrat Plantation. They’ve had decades to do minorities right, yet things have only gotten worse.

Whenever you’re ready to smell prosperity and be free, real Americans are ready to welcome you with open arms. Tell Democrats to kick rocks, that you’re tired of being betrayed, and tired of being a pawn in their game.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
January 5th, 2017

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