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Fake Scientist Bill Nye Bitterly Clings To Climate Change Hoax #ClimateChange #globalwarming

Scientist and educator Bill Nye says he expects climate change policy to shift quickly, if you can call it that, — as soon as the next generation of indoctrinated and utterly brainwashed young students become eligible to vote.

“I think the tide will turn very quickly,” Nye told UPI in a recent interview. “My prediction is three presidential elections.”

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Nye believes in a multifaceted approach to forcing the myth of man-made climate change down humanity’s throat — a combination of public policy and political advocacy, scientific education and technological innovation.

“It’s everything all at once,” Nye said. “Not doing one thing instead of the other.”

His optimism for rapid change is rooted in his faith in indoctrinated young people and their brainwashed beliefs in the dangers of mythical global warming. Brainwashed young people realize — like he does — that humans have the resources, technology and know-how to power the world’s economy with renewable energy sources. Except that’s about as far from the truth as anything else he has babbled.

What people lack, at the moment, he says, is the will.

He sure got that right. Half of the Millennial generation thought Hillary would be a good president, and don’t even have the will to control their sexual urges, bringing about a global pandemic of sexually transmittable diseases.

He fantasizes that could change with the implementation of a tyrannical carbon tax, which would force economies to account for the full costs of the environmental the damage caused by burning fossil fuels and releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Interestingly, while discussing forcing things upon people, he acts as if things would be voluntary and said “It would encourage a lot more innovation.”

The government, Nye says, needs to do a better job of creating a crushing regulatory environment that encourages green energy innovation. He cites the public-private cooperation that produced America’s railroad system and the Internet.

“This is doable, what we want to do is work the problem from the bottom up to meet the demands of consumers for electric vehicles and sustainable energy and from the top down to ensure the right policies and regulations are in place to encourage the investment needed to meet those demands,” he said.


Sadly, the inept propagandist and mechanical engineer (NOT a scientist) Bill Nye admitted that despite decades of work, he has utterly failed as a climate change activist.

For the last several years, Nye tried turning his propaganda to adults, having failed with children, he admits that none of his efforts have made any impact.

But hey, let’s keep beating that dead horse, right Bill? Never mind the fact that man-made global warming/climate change has been proven beyond any shadow of doubt to be bogus, and just another excuse to tax people into poverty.

One can only wonder how long it will take for him to whip out the race card and blame whitey on global warming.


Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
June 15th, 2018


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