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Bernie Sanders Refuses To Endorse Own Son’s Campaign #FeelTheBern #Socialism #Communism

Levi Sanders is running for Congress — but don’t expect his dad, Sen. Bernie Sanders, to speak out on his behalf.

So what is the Communism-loving Senator who is currently under investigation for bank fraud along with his college-bankrupting wife’s excuse?

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“Levi has spent his life in service to low income and work families, and I am very proud of all that he has done, in our family, however, we do not believe in dynastic politics. Levi is running his own campaign in his own way.”

You betcha, Bernie. Or perhaps because he has been the end of many candidates already, he is giving his son a fighting chance by declining to endorse him?

The younger Sanders announced in February that he was running in New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, the Democrat who currently holds the seat, isn’t running for-re-election.

And since then, the elder Sanders hasn’t endorsed his son’s campaign. According to the Globe, he also hasn’t traveled to New Hampshire, where he won the Democratic presidential primary in 2016, on his son’s behalf.


Political observers told the Globe that they believed part of the reason Bernie Sanders won’t boost his son is because Levi Sanders, who doesn’t actually live in New Hampshire’s 1st, isn’t running a good campaign.

“Nobody I know is really considering Levi as an option,” former state senator Burt Cohen told the Globe. “No, it’s actually worse than that: I don’t hear anyone even bringing up his name. People aren’t sure why he is running.”

But don’t let the theory that Bernie Sanders doesn’t endorse his family members fool you.

After all, he once spoke out favorably for another Sanders in his life: His brother, Larry.

Maybe Bernie finally figured out his love of Communism is poison to aspiring political candidates. Only time will tell.


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June 7th, 2018


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