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WATCH – Ben Shapiro Takes On & Destroys Berkeley Communists *VIDEO* #abortion #Communist

It’s not difficult to destroy a pro-abortionist’s arguments. Just use facts. Facts like Planned Parenthood was begun for the simple and gory mission of exterminating minorities. Margaret Sanger was a real peach, if you love racist genocidal maniacs like Democrats do so much.

Facts like the black American population would be double what it is today, dramatically increasing their political power, if not for abortion on demand since Roe v Wade, is one such fact.

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Many theorize that the reason there are so many mass shooters and immoral behaviors going on in society today is because of Roe v Wade and abortion on demand.

Their theory states that if murder for convenience (abortion) is acceptable in society, than any other act, no matter how depraved, is morally superior. Since that idea has infected American society, morals, integrity, honesty and other facets of civilized behavior have slowly become abnormal behavior instead of the expected norm.

In a recent speaking arrangement at U.C. Berkeley, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro educated some of America’s most ardent Communists when he utterly refuted every pro-abortion argument a U.C. Berkeley student could throw at him.

During a speech at the university, Shapiro fielded questions from a pro-abortion student.

Responding to the student’s claims, Shapiro explained that:

A fetus does have “intrinsic moral value,”
“Drawing a false line” on where life begins “can also be applied to people who are adults,”
A fetus has “potential sentience,” and
“I don’t believe you being a burden on somebody is justification for them killing you.”
“So, either human life has intrinsic value or it doesn’t,” Shapiro concluded.

Watch Shapiro school the student on the sanctity of all human life – and the dangers of trying to deny or violate it.

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Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
March 2nd, 2018


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